Gawker Hiring Team of Weather Reporters

Gawker Hiring Team of Weather Reporters

Weather blogging is the new trend for sites such as Slate, Mashable, and Nate Silver’s new FiveThirtyEight blog. Now, Gawker is looking to jump on the weather blogwagon by hiring a team of weather bloggers.

In the last week of January, Gawker editor John Cook made a call for bloggers willing to write about weather for his site. “Gawker is looking for junior writers to blog about the weather, and news coverage thereof,” he tweeted on January 31.

“Junior writer” can be read “low-paid,” at least. Unlike some of the other sites that recently added weather blogging, Gawker doesn’t seem to be looking for someone who has built a name in weather writing, at least not yet.

Gawker intends to call its weather blog “The Vane,” as reported by Capital New York.

Gawker’s move is on the heels of weather blog hiring by several other sites. Slate hired Eric Holthaus, who made a name for himself as a weather writer by building an audience with his Twitter feed. Mashable added a weather section by hiring Andrew Freedman from Climate Central on January 28. Finally, as one of the first in this new push to expand into weather blogging, Nate Silver hired Harry Enten from England’s The Guardian to write weather for FiveThirtyEight.