NCR: U.S. Guns, Not Obama, to Blame for Mexican Violence

NCR: U.S. Guns, Not Obama, to Blame for Mexican Violence

In the second installation of a three-part series on “gun violence in Mexico,” the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) continues to blame the U.S. for gun violence in Mexico, while viewing Fast & Furious as a legitimate attempt at law enforcement which just happened to go wrong.

According to NCR, Obama tried to reinstitute an “assault weapons” ban in the U.S. as a way to keep Mexico safer. He also pledged to “keep increasing the pressure on the gun traffickers.”

NCR claims part of the pressure on traffickers included Operation Fast & Furious, which turned out to be a “botched 2009 operation to track gunrunners that resulted in ATF agents losing between 1,400-2,000 firearms,” most of which were “assault weapons.” Only half were recovered, and one was “used to kill a U.S. border agent,” Brian Terry, in December 2010.

Ironically, NCR fails to note this “botched” operation rendered Obama’s DOJ culpable in the very things Obama swore to fight against: “assault weapons” and gun trafficking. 

After overlooking this, NCR shows Obama tried to fix the problems Fast & Furious created by passing more gun control for border states: specifically, a requirement that multiple purchases of rifles with detachable magazines and a caliber larger than .22 “merit [extra] documentation.”

The result? Arms traffickers have adapted to this new rule and are “sending their straw purchasers to states farther north.” There they are “buying smaller weapons with semi-automatic capacity.”

According to NCR, “gun violence in Mexico” is the result of gun trafficking, straw purchasers, and weapons with “semi-automatic capacity” that can be found in the U.S. Obama has done his best with speeches, Fast & Furious, and new gun control measures for border states, but even these gun control measures were de-funded by a Republican-controlled Congress.

In other words, we are to believe that Mexican gun violence is the fault of the U.S., but Obama has done all he can to rectify it. 

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