BuzzFeed Politics Goes Full-Media Matters Against GOP

BuzzFeed Politics Goes Full-Media Matters Against GOP

Media Matters spends 100% of its research energy attacking the political right.

BuzzFeed Politics apparently does the same. 

BuzzFeed Politics and Andrew Kaczynski pose as objective. But if you look at Kaczynski’s author page over the last two weeks, of the 20 most recent stories published, 16 are angled to embarrass Republicans, many of them potential challengers to Democrats in the upcoming mid-terms.

Of the four remaining stories, one is about Twitter, another is about a Democrat “disappointed” in Harry Reid’s desperate attacks on the Koch Brothers, a third is a neutral story about a Democrat ripping into the NSA. Only 1 of 20 stories is somewhat embarrassing to a Democrat: Kathleen Sebelius apparently forgot a page of her resignation speech.

There is no question, though, that 100% of BuzzFeed Politics’ research and effort and gotcha-energy is aimed at undermining the GOP in the 2014 midterms.  

Just like the Soros-backed Media Matters, BuzzFeed Politics looks like it spends its days going to impressive lengths to locate and publish embarrassing video and audio archives damaging to Republican candidates. The only difference between the two is the listicle.

BuzzFeed Politics’ editor-in-chief Ben Smith is infamous for what has become known as “BenSmithing,” where he pretends to write an objective and exhaustive article about a controversy hurting a Democrat when the real goal of the article is to protect its subject by pretending there is no controversy.  

BenSmithing is at least an attempt to appear like an objective journalist. A look at the BuzzFeed Politics main pagemakes it quite clear that Smith’s site isn’t at all interested in balancingKaczynski’s work with a blogger counterpart pouring the same energy into vetting Democrats. 

BuzzFeed Politics has moved from attempting to disguise its left-wing bias to brazenly publishing oppo-research to benefit Democrats.   

Maybe Republicans are more prone to saying and doing dumb things. You could sell me on that. Even twice as often. But not at a 16-to-1 ratio.


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