Left Questions Susan Rice's Credibility

Left Questions Susan Rice's Credibility

Eugene Robinson is not only a left-wing Washington Post columnist, he is also a frequent MSNBC contributor. And like few others, Robinson has been a vigorous dead-ender when it comes to defending Barack Obama’s failed presidency. But even he is now questioning Susan Rice’s credibility and telling her to stay away from the Sunday talk show circuit:

And finally, national security adviser Susan Rice. First she’s given incomplete talking points about Benghazi, then she’s dispatched to say on the talk shows that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction.” If I were Rice, I’d start taking Sundays off.

That is especially interesting because it almost perfectly echoes Republican Sen. John McCain, one of Rice’s most outspoken critics, who said this week, “My recommendation is that from now on Susan Rice stay home with her family and not go on any of the Sunday talk shows.”

In 2008, after President Obama’s election as president, no one doubts that Susan Rice believed she would one day become Secretary of State. Almost four years later, in September of 2012, Rice blew that opportunity into a zillion pieces by repeatedly lying to the American people on no less than five Sunday news shows.  

By blaming a coordinated terrorist attack that resulted in the murder of four Americans on a YouTube video, Rice might have helped the media keep a false narrative alive long enough to push Obama over the re-election finish line, but her dreams of moving into Hillary Clinton’s office were dead.

Two years later, Rice probably believed she would still have an honored place in history as a U.S. president’s national security adviser and martyr to a bunch of racist, sexist GOP senators who successfully protested her chances of becoming Secretary of State before there was even a nomination.

Today, though, even that legacy is doomed – stabbed through the heart by Rice herself in yet another Sunday show appearance that is proving, even to her former defenders on the Le, that she is a walking/talking credibility problem.

Hoping to turn the swap of five Taliban commanders for one American deserter into a political win for an embattled president, Rice again abused her Sunday show privileges by lying to the American people about how Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl had been “taken in battle” and served his country “with honor and distinction.”

That not only isn’t true, everyone knew in 2012 that Bergdahl had been captured by the Taliban after abandoning his post.

To make matters worse, Rice has doubled and then tripled down on her lies.

Today, Rice awakens to the The Hill’s top story screaming about her credibility problems and an almost certain legacy as a punchline about Sunday show credibility.


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