Reporter Suspended for Comments in Response to Cop Killer's Wife's Rant

Reporter Suspended for Comments in Response to Cop Killer's Wife's Rant

The wife of a New Jersey cop killer only has one regret: that her now-dead husband killed only one cop. 

“He should have taken more with him,” said Angelique Campbell, the alleged killer’s wife. “If they were going to stand over my husband and shoot him like a f***ing dog, he should have taken all those motherf***ers out.”

Now a New Jersey reporter may lose his job for losing his cool when he reported those comments.

Campbell made the remarks outside of a makeshift memorial to her husband near the scene of the crime. The memorial was full of candles, balloons and gang paraphenalia, urging Lawrence Campbell to “Thug in Peace.”

Police say Lawrence Campbell ambushed and killed rookie officer Melvin Santiago early Sunday morning at a Jersey City Walgreen’s drug store. Officials say Campbell did not rob the store, but assaulted the security guard and stole his gun, then waited for police to arrive.

News reports say before the shooting, Campbell bragged he was “going to be famous.”

That was all a bit much for New Jersey Channel 12 reporter Sean Bergin, whose calm and professional demeanor disappeared on the air after he reported her “shocking” remarks.

“Angelique Campbell said repeatedly that her husband didn’t go far enough in the shooting death of rookie cop Melvin Santiago,” said Bergin, in a voice-over of the scene. “Standing next to an impromptu street memorial for the father of her six-year old daughter, she expressed little sympathy for the officer or his grieving family.”

“Miss Campbell echoed the anti-cop mentality of many we spoke to in the crime ridden neighborhood we spoke to today,” he reported.

The shocking comments shredded Bergin’s usually calm demeanor as he wrapped up the report.

“It is worth noting that we were besieged, flooded with calls from police officers furious that we would give media coverage to the wife of a cop killer,” Bergin said. “We decided to air it because it is important to shine a light on the anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities. This same, sick, perverse line of thinking is evident from Jersey City to Newark and Patterson to Trenton. It has made the police officer’s job impossible and it has got to stop.”

“The underlying cause for all of this, of course: Young black men growing up without fathers,” he argued. “Unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject.”

Within a few hours, Bergin was suspended, pending a possible dismissal. But he said in a statement to Breitbart News: “It is depraved to place hurt feelings over the lives of young black men. There is way too much emphasis on guarding peoples feelings rather than pointing at the blindingly obvious and saying there’s a reason young black men are slaughtering one another in the f***ing streets. Why are THEY doing it. And the Korean kids aren’t?”

No one at Channel 12 is talking, but Bergin’s Facebook page is full of new friends and laudatory comments, especially from cops.

I retired as a police officer after 27 1/2 years on the job,” said Camille Mile. “I just wanted to say thank you for speaking what is in your heart. Thank you for saying what so many of my brothers and sisters in blue have thought for years, but you had the courage to say!”

Colin Flaherty is the award-winning author of White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.