Video: CNN's Don Lemon Has No Idea What an Automatic Firearm Is

Video: CNN's Don Lemon Has No Idea What an Automatic Firearm Is

Below is video of CNN’s Don Lemon proving he has absolutely no idea what the difference is between an automatic and semi-automatic firearm. In other words, Don Lemon, a star anchor at a major cable news network that regularly covers the issue of guns, is wholly ignorant of the difference between a firearm that is legal and a firearm that is illegal.

This is not a “Saturday Night Live” skit; this is Don Lemon reporting Wednesday night from Ferguson, Missouri, for CNN. 

Let’s call this LemonSplaining:



Lemon is not being challenged on a factoid involving rocket science. The difference between an automatic and semi-automatic is not some elusive, mercurial secret like why Jeff Zucker would renew the contract of a ratings loser like Erin Burnett.

Automatic: You hold down the trigger and round after round after round fires until you are either out of rounds or release the trigger. Without a super special double secret permit, this type of firearm is highly illegal.

Semi-automatic: One pull of the trigger fires off a single round.

This is jaw-dropping ignorance on the part of Don Lemon, but certainly not the first we have seen from an urbanite CNN anchor mouthing off on a subject they obviously know nothing about. CNN morning anchor Carol Costello has frequently made a laughingstock of herself and the network with her ignorance of the basic tenets of Christianity.

Throughout the Ferguson affair, top media figures have again and again proven themselves ignorant of the basics of law enforcement and even the difference between ear plugs and rubber bullets.

Why are people who know nothing about a subject allowed to pose as experts while reporting on it?

The answer is simple: The media are no longer about facts (See: Zimmerman, George). The media are about politics. When Don Lemon is holding a Starbucks latte and a copy of The New Republic, he’s simply incapable of finding his backside with two hands… or Googling. But that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Lemon is an identity-politics’ obsessed, gun-hating lefty.

That’s what CNN wants — not someone who knows the bare minimum about the subjects he reports on.

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