State Dept. Spox Attacks Bill O'Reilly: No 'Intelligence or Class'

State Dept. Spox Attacks Bill O'Reilly: No 'Intelligence or Class'

The Obama Administration might not have a clear message or strategy in dealing with ISIS, but when it comes to attacking Fox News, there’s never any mealy-mouthing or doublespeak. The White House is always on message. The latest example is State Department Spokeswoman  Marie Harf, who used her Twitter account to rip Bill O’Reilly for lacking in “intelligence and class.”

Harf apparently took umbrage with O’Reilly’s precise and spot-on view that Harf’s sidekick at State, Jen Psaki, “looks way out of her depth” at the State Department podium.” In her tweet, Harf linked to a segment of “The Factor” where O’Reilly expressed his dismay at Psaki’s always unsteady public presence:

Okay, but with all due respect, and you do not have to comment on this, that woman looks way out of her depth over there. Just the way she delivers. It just does not look like she has the gravitas for that job.

The same can be said for Harf. Neither woman ever inspires even the least bit of confidence. Childish hashtag campaigns and thin-skinned attacks on media critics only add to the, dare I say, “JV” vibe.

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