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Newsweek Adds Plagiarism Warning to Fareed Zakaria Articles

Newsweek Adds Plagiarism Warning to Fareed Zakaria Articles

A wave of unearthed plagiarism charges against Fareed Zakaria at Our Bad Media has resulted in Newsweek adding a plagiarism warning to every one of the CNN anchor’s previous columns and articles. According to Politico, Zakaria worked for Newsweek as a columnist and editor for 14 years, between 1996 and 2010.

An editorial note from Newsweek’s new owners now appears at the end of everything written under Zakaria’s byline:

“Fareed Zakaria worked for Newsweek when it was under previous ownership. Readers are advised that some of his articles have been the subject of complaints claiming that they contain material that should have been attributed to others,” the note reads. “In addition, readers with information about articles by Mr. Zakaria that may purportedly lack proper attribution are asked to e-mail Newsweek at”

Numerous experts in journalistic ethics have looked at Our Bad Media’s examples and declared Zakaria a plagiarist. 


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