**Live Updates** 8 Photos of the Air Going Out of Chris Matthews Last Night

**Live Updates**  8 Photos of the Air Going Out of Chris Matthews Last Night

How is the media dealing with a historic GOP win and a blistering repudiation of their Precious, Barack Obama? Read Below… 

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2:54 pm – 8 Photos of the Air Going Out of Chris Matthews Last Night

2:40 pm – Video of Katie Couric & David Gregory In Yahoo’s HasBeen Hell

This has to be seen to believed. If the embed below doesn’t play, you can watch it here

First two minutes are more than enough:

2:00 pm – How Off Were the Polls? This Off…

RCP Average vs. Actual Result

Iowa: R +2.3 – R +8.5

Colorado: R +2.5 – R +4.2

Georgia: R +3.0 – R +7.9

Kansas: I +0.8 – R +10.7

Kentucky: R +7.2 – R +15.5

Virginia: D +9.7 – D +0.6

Arkansas: R +7 – R +17

1:45 pm – Media’s Pink-Shoe’d Abortion Fanatic Lost By 20 Whopping Points In Texas, 59-39%

And a female Tea Partier now sits in the State Senate seat Wendy Davis once occupied. 

1:33 pm – NYT: President Obama Left Fighting for His Own Relevance

NYT:  Two things were clear long before the votes were counted on Tuesday night: President Obama would face a Congress with more Republicans for his final two years in office, and the results would be seen as a repudiation of his leadership.

12:08 pm – Screencap: Drudge Now

11:50 am – Things the Media Won’t Admit About Last Night, Part 11,587

11:24 am – GOP Superstar Mia Love Refuses To be Tokenized By CNN

Mia Love is the first Republican black woman elected to Congress but that has nothing to do with who she is or how she wants to be identified. During an appearance on race-obsessed CNN this morning, Love shut down hosts Rick Berman and Michaela Pereira’s attempt to make her race and gender an issue.  

Love: Race and gender had nothing to do with [my win]. Principles had everything to do with it. Utah values had everything to do with it. 

Pereira: I want to challenge you on one point. This isn’t about dividing on issues of race but ensuring everyone has a fair shot at a seat at the table.

Love: You have to understand that [in my district] there are very few black residents. I wasn’t elected because of the color of my skin. I wasn’t elected because of my gender. I was elected because of the solutions I put forward and my promise to run an issues-oriented campaign, That’s what resonated.  

Love wants to be known for her character and ideas, not skin color and gender. 

What a concept — a concept CNN couldn’t grasp with Velcro gloves dipped in super glue.  

11:17 am – Nate Silver: Polls Were Skewed Towards Democrats

FiveThirtyEight: For much of this election cycle, Democrats complained the polls were biased against them. They said the polls were failing to represent enough minority voters and applying overly restrictive likely-voter screens. They claimed early-voting data was proving the polls wrong. They cited the fact that polls were biased against Democrats in 2012.

The Democrats’ complaints may have been more sophisticated-seeming than the “skewed polls” arguments made by Republicans in 2012. But in the end, they were just as wrong. The polls did have a strong bias this year — but it was toward Democrats and not against them.

10:56 am – VIDEO: Chuck Todd Tells Maddow GOP Sweep ‘Put an End’ to Executive Amnesty

Watch Chuck Todd from last night (here) as he lobbed truth bombs all over MSNBC. Here’s what he told Rachel Maddow, who argued Obama could still move forward with Amnesty:

“I hear you, that legally he can do some of the things he wants to do here,” he told Rachel Maddow. “I think politically, tonight? It put an end to it. I think it would be a provocative act politically.

10:50 am – National Exit Poll Shows Hillary Losing to Generic Republican Candidate, 40-34%

This of course is a poll of a midterm electorate, but still worthy of note. 

Another 24% selected “It Depends.”

10:27 am – Ben Smith’s Gotta BenSmith: Election Means ‘Surprisingly Little,’ ‘Act Soon’ On Amnesty

After the 2012 election BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith declared America a liberal nation. Now that a GOP tidal wave has hit the purple and blue states of IA, IL, MD, CO, NC, etc,. BuzzFeed says the election means surprisingly little — except of course for the immediate creation of new Democrats through executive amnesty. 

Ben Smith’s gotta BenSmith

Twice, late in the game, BuzzFeed attempted late, game-changing hits on Republican candidates. Both blew up in the left-wing site’s face. 

10:22 am – NBC’s Matt Lauer Lectures GOP: Opposing Obama ‘Is Not A Policy’ 

NewsBusters: Following the big Republican wave in Tuesday’s midterm election, on Wednesday, Today co-host Matt Lauer immediately demanded that the new GOP-controlled Congress capitulate to President Obama: “Republicans have control of the House and Senate for the first time in eight years….In January, voters are gonna say,’What are you going to do with the power?’ Opposing the President’s policy is not a policy. Specifically, what can Republicans do with this power?” 

10:11 am – Larry Sabato Shuts Down Hideous Carol Costello’s ‘End Gridlock’ Spin

CNN’s hideous Carol Costello interrupted her sadistic cackling over the beating of a woman to spin last night’s election results as a call for compromise and to end gridlock. 

Larry Sabato shut her down with a FactBomb: “[Ending gridlock and compromise] is not what the American people voted for last night. They voted for a very different vision of government and I doubt it’s going to be shared enough by President Obama to produce much legislation.”

9:58 am – Top 10 Media Narratives That Died Last Night

The GOP tidal wave that hit last night murdered a number of MSM narratives, here are the top 10:

1. “The GOP is doomed if they don’t cave on gun control” – Sell-out Joe Scarborough 

2. The GOP is doomed if they don’t cave on amnesty.

3. The GOP is doomed if they don’t give in to Obama. 

4. The GOP can’t expand the map.

5. The GOP is waging a war on women.

6. ObamaCare is no longer a winning issue for the GOP

7. Outside corporate money in politics is a bad thing (unless its corporate media and union money spent to boost Democrats)

8. The government shutdown will doom the GOP.

9. But-but-but the do-nothing Congress is more unpopular than Our Precious Obama

10. Gridlock is a bad thing. 

9:53 am – Salon Wins Award for Bitterest Tweet of the Election

Who knew you fit this much butthurt in less than 140 characters…

9:52 am – ABC Insists ‘Republican Brand Still Damaged’

NewsBustersOn Wednesday morning, co-host George Stephanopoulos and ABC News Political Analyst Matthew Dowd pushed the line that despite the GOP’s midterm victory “the Republican brand is still very damaged.” 

9:47 am – Howard Fineman: The Obama Era Is Over

Last night on MSNBC, The Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman declared Obama’s presidency dead

9:22 am – Tired Media Refrain Lives On: Win or Lose It’s the GOP That Must Compromise 

9:08 am – Hideous Carol Costello Laughably Declares Victory for Obama On Minimum Wage

CNN’s hideous Carol Costello stopped cackling over the beating of a Palin child long enough to again prove she’s one of the dumbest people currently allowed in front of a television camera. With a straight face, Costello actually declared a number of minimum wage hikes in Red States a victory for President Obama … as though Obama is a big believer in federalism. 

The GOP is against a stupid once-size-fits-all federal minimum wage hike. Obama is in favor of stupid one-size-fits-all federal everything. 

A state, or a bunch of states, all on their own choosing to do something not only removes the minimum wage from a 2016 issue in that state (a loss for Democrats) it is the states doing something on their own, which is about as conservative as it gets. 

The smart glasses aren’t working, Mean Girl. 

9:01 am – Politico Sees Republicans Flipping Alaska

A win for Republican Dan Sullivan in Alaska would mean another flip for  the GOP. Louisiana is another likely flip after a run-off next month. 

8:50 am – CNN: Executive Amnesty Would Be Disastrous for Obama

CNN’s election panel didn’t argue with Gloria Borger or Ari Fleischer when they declared that any move for executive amnesty on Obama’s part would be a disaster for the president, and would scuttle any hope he has to get anything done over the next two years. The backlash from the GOP and the country would be fierce and crippling. 

There’s a lot of nonsense on CNN about how this election is a message from voters about cooperation and compromise (no, this is an ideological wave), but this analysis on executive amnesty is spot on. 

Obama’s threat of amnesty undoubtedly played into last night’s GOP gains.

8:29 am – Zurawik: Halperin & Heilemann ‘Sorriest and Most Ridiculously Smug TV Coverage I Can Remember’

Baltimore Sun: A lot of things made me angry with Tuesday night’s coverage, but running neck-and-neck with the operative-analysts was an effort by Heilemann and Halperin to go after Fox News shortly after 10 p.m. when it called the Colorado Senate race for Republican Cory Garnder over Democrat incumbent Mark Udall. …

But 14 minutes later, guess what Halperin and Bloomberg did: called Colorado for Gardner. That call by Bloomberg came on the heels of the Associated Press joining Fox in saying the Republican would win Colorado.

8:35 am – Baltimore Sun Blisters CNN, MSNBC, and Bloomberg

Media Writer David Zurawik’s review of last night’s election coverage is pretty close to what I saw. Too many hacks, too much smug. Zurawik correctly singled out CNN’s Jake Tapper and NBC’s Chuck Todd for their excellent work. Everyone else, not so much

8:27 am – Andrea Mitchell: Last Night Was a Repudiation of Barack Obama

While Sell-Out Joe Scarborough prattled about his time in congress (something he does constantly), Andrea Mitchell managed to get a few words in and surprisingly it was not spin. “Last night was a repudiation of Barack Obama,” she said just before Scarborough cackled and screamed, “When I was in congress…”

Tonight is not just Election Night , it is also the one night of the year where the mainstream media is at the mercy of We The People, the night where all our Media Elite Overlords can do is report and react, and hopefully pout. Breitbart News will be on “sad face” watch tonight. If things go well for America, they will not go well for an unbiased, objective, not-at-all-liberal media already so freaked out over the messiness of democracy they are openly advocating a gutting of the Constitution


12:57 am – PHOTO: HuffPo’s Spectacular Concession

12:42 am – PHOTO: MSNBC Election Staff Reacts to Very Bad News

This was the reaction of MSNBC’s election team as Republican strategist Steve Schmidt explained just how bad the news tonight is for Democrats. 

12:29 pm – Sandra Fluke Loses

As if there isn’t enough to celebrate tonight, birth control fanatic Sandra Fluke lost her State Senate race tonight.  

12:20 am – Chuck Todd Signals Harry Reid Will Be Obama’s Fall Guy

As the writing on the wall became clear, “Meet the Press” host Chuck Tod signaled that it is Harry Reid who will be the fall guy for Obama’s and the Democrats’ devastating losses tonight. At the close of NBC’s coverage, Todd suggested Reid could lose his leadership position. Soon afterwards on MSNBC, Todd looked visibly angry at Reid and the soon-to-be-former Majority Leader’s refusal to let vulnerable Senate Democrats vote against Obama. 

Because Reid tied up the Senate for 6 years and wouldn’t allow votes on bills Obama didn’t like, Democrats never got a chance to separate their voting records from Obama. This gave the GOP the message that created tonight’s wave: “So-and-So voted with Obama 98% of the time.” 

Reid will fall because he deserves to fall. But this is also a move to protect Obama and blame-shift away from the awful policies that dragged the Party (and our country) down. 

It is important for Hillary in 2016 and Obama’s legacy that tonight’s shellacking be spun into a strategic failure, not a policy failure. 

Before the night even came to an end, moves to protect The Precious are already in play. 

12:18 am – ABC News: GOP to Pick Up 14 to 18 House Seats

12:10 – Republican Brownback Wins Reelection in Kansas

A Brownback loss was supposed to generate a big talking point for Democrats. They were going to blame the loss on tax cuts. 

Best laid plans of socialists and liars… 

12:08 pm – VA Senate Race Called for Democrat Incumbent Warner

Virginia will go to a recount. That’s how close it is. So all is not lost for Republican Ed Gillespie. But the race has been called by the media for Warner.

11:48 pm – GOP Wins Governor Races In … MA and IL and MD.

Yeah, this is a wave.

11:39 pm – Chuck Todd: ‘Lets not mince words; this is a wave’  

NBC’s Chuck Todd calls tonight a big GOP wave and adds that Republicans will hold biggest majorities since WWII. Todd also blamed Harry Reid for not giving Democrats the opportunity to vote against Obama. 

This is a signal that Harry Reid is about to catch massive amounts of hell from the media tomorrow. 

11:30 pm – Chris Matthews: “This is what I would call a wave.”

11:23 pm – The AP reports that Democrat Charlie Crist has Conceded to Rick Scott

Republican Scott Brown holds the Florida governorship. Another big blow to Democrats.

11:22 pm – The AP Calls NC for Republican Tom Tillis

My home state. Yes!

11:20 pm – Fox News call Iowa for Republican Ernst and the Senate for the GOP

Harry Reid is now Minority Leader, y’all. 

11:15 pm – MSNBC: You Know Who Really Won Tonight? Hillary. 

Because NH Democrat Jeanne Shaheen might win by a couple thousand votes, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, and the rest tried to spin the night as a big win for Hillary Clinton because the former-Secretary of State campaigned for Shaheen. 

It was Reverend Al who threw truth at this silver lining by reminding his colleagues of all the places Hillary campaigned in where Democrats got shellacked. “Oh, yeah,” they muttered, before talking about North Carolina as though Kay Hagan had already lost. 

11:10 pm – CNN’s Jake Tapper: Yes, This Is a Republican Wave

CNN’s Jake Tapper said, “Yes, this is a Republican wave.”

11:07 pm – CNN’s John King: Actually, Scott Brown Does Have a Chance

Although New Hampshire was called early for Democrat incumbent Jeanne Shaheen, Republican Scott Brown has refused to concede. As it stands now, with about 70% of the vote in, Brown is only behind 6,000 votes. 

After looking at what’s been counted and what’s left, John King said Brown does have a chance.

10:54 pm – And a Pall Falls Over NBC’s Election Coverage

Tom Brokaw, Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, and Brian Williams closed tonight’s election coverage visibly bummed over the realization that Republicans could win a 54 seat Senate majority, which is not only a big win in 2014 but will give them a nice cushion in a tough 2016.

10:50 pm – CBS Election Team Whiter Than Ferguson Police Department

10:45 pm – Must-See Photo of Ed Schultz Dealing with Scott Walker Win

10:41 pm – CBS Calls Kansas for Republican Roberts

If this call holds, Republicans will win the Senate.

10:37 – HuffPo’s Sam Stein: ‘Bloodbath for Democrats’

10:33 – AP Calls GA for Perdue, Local News Calls It for Ernst In IA

The AP said there will be no run-off in Georgia. Republican Perdue will keep the seat in the GOP’s column. 

Local news is calling Iowa for Republican Joni Ernst.

10:24 pm – Fox News calls Wisconsin for Republican Scott Walker

Three statewide wins in 4 years for Republican Governor Scott Walker. This sets him up for 2016 in a major way, and he has been tested again and again by the all the Hell the left and the media can deliver. 

10:04 – Iowa Exit Polls Have Republican Ernst Up 51-47% Over Braley

This would be a Republican pick up and be another loss for Democrats they never saw coming 6 months ago.

9:58 pm – Republican Take Colorado Senate Seat, Louisiana Heads to Run-Off

CO is a huge loss for Democrats, a race they never expected to even be competitive. 

According to Fox News, Republicans are up 5 seats and only need one more pick up. That could be IA, VA, or Alaska. Republicans could still lose Kansas and Georgia. 

Louisiana is headed to a December run-off, which is good news for the Republican challenger per the latest polls. 

9:55 pm – PHOTO: Chris Matthews is Having a Bad Night

9:35 pm – MSNBC Election Panel Begins to Melt Down

With the likelihood of a GOP Senate becoming a reality, CNN’s election night panel has begun to melt down.  Chris Matthews is angry at Obama for blowing immigration. Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, and the rest are angry at Matthews for saying something negative about The Precious. 

There’s a lot of yelling and tension. It’s delish.

9:31 pm – Tapper: ‘Anti-Obama sentiment strong … Republicans Probably Going to Win Senate”

CNN’s Jake Tapper cut through the bull and spin about 2014 shaping up to be an “anti-incumbent” election. The “anti-Obama sentiment is strong,” he said. He added, “Republicans are probably going to win the Senate. There are 8 races out and they only need to win three.”

9:14 pm – Media’s Abortion Lady Shellacked In Texas

Democrat media star Wendy Davis got her clock cleaned in Texas, losing handily to Republican Greg Abbott. Early projections show she could lose by as much as 17 points. 

This is a devastating loss for Democrats who thought they could flip Texas, and a mainstream media that played kingmaker with the abortion fanatic and only proved they don’t have the power they once did to choose America’s political stars and leaders. 

9:04 pm – CNN Exit Polls Have Walker (R-WI) and Roberts (R-KS) Winning By 3

CNN’s exit polls show Republican governor Scott Walker winning 50-47%. Same with Republican Senator Pat Roberts in Kansas.

8:56 pm – Tom Brokaw: GOP Showed Tea Party the Door

In-between dealing with a ringing cell phone on the air, Tom Brokaw told the minuscule MSNBC audience that in 2014 the GOP showed the Tea Party the door. 

This of course is nonsense. Tom Cotton and Joni Ernst prove that. If anything, in 2014, the GOP and the Tea Party came together and made it work in a number of states. 

From my count, Brokaw is attempting “The Tea Party Is Dead” Narrative number 11,485.

8:52 pm – Ed Schultz: Crist Camp ‘Concerned’

Angry white MSNBC male Ed Schultz is on the scene in Florida and says the Crist campaign is worried they are not pulling the votes they need in Democrat strongholds.

8:41 pm – Republicans Flip Arkansas, Dems Hold NH

NH is a must-hold for Democrats and it looks like it held. The math is still difficult for Dems to hold the Senate but NH fell the right way.

Democrats did lose Arkansas, as expected. 

8:22 pm – Even MSNBC Thought Grimes (D-KY) was Ungracious

Kentucky Democrat Alison Grimes gave a concession speech that offered no concession or congratulations to her opponent, Republican Mitch McConnell. Even the MSNBC crew found it petty and means-pritied, including Al Sharpton. 

Grimes looked shocked at the beating she took tonight. 

8:11 pm – Juan Williams Loses the “Anti-Incumbent” Spin Battle

Juan Williams: This is an anti-incumbent election, not an anti-Democrat election.

Charles Krauthammer: Then why are Republican incumbents winning and Democrat incumbents losing?

8:03 pm – Exit Polls: ObamaCare Deeply Unpopular

Politico:  Nearly half of voters on Tuesday said Obamacare went too far, according to exit polls.

Forty-seven percent of those who cast ballots in the midterms said the 2010 health care law, which opened for enrollment a year ago, went too far. On the other hand, 26 percent said the law didn’t go far enough, CNN exit polls reported.

Only 22 percent said Obamacare was just about right.

Obamacare remained an issue in many of the midterm battles following a complicated year of enrollment and registrations and state exchanges. Twenty-five percent of voters said Obamacare was the most important issue facing the country, compared with 45 percent who said the economy is their top concern.

7:45 pm – Fox News Exit Poll Says Republicans Win Georgia, Lousiana Run-off

Per a Fox News exit poll, Republican Perdue in GA and Republican Cassidy in Louisiana would beat their Democrat opponents by 4 and 5 points, respectively. 

7:39 pm – Andrea Mitchell Says Gillespie Has Real Shot in VA

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports that per her sources Democrat Warner is in trouble in VA. Republican Gillespie has a real shot at pulling this off. 

7:19 pm – Dems Worst Nightmare: Fox News Says VA Data Shows Very Tight Race

The Fox News election desk is looking at the precinct returns and see Republican Ed Gillespie doing much better than the polls predicted. 

The Real Clear Politics poll averages showed McConnell up 7 in Kentucky and Warner up 10 in Virginia. 

The fact that KY has already been called and VA is up in the air could mean that pollsters under-estimated Republican turnout in a very big way.

Exit polls in VA show Mark Warner’s favorability rating is upside down, 48-50%. Ed Gillespie is above water 58-38%. Those are incredible numbers.

7:09 pm — Bloomberg Politics Election Coverage Whiter Than Ferguson Police Force

The new online Bloomberg venture starring Mark Halperin and John Heilimann is offering live election coverage and analysis tonight and is whitey-white-white-white. 

7:05pm – CNN Exit Poll Has Republican Perdue Beating Michelle Nunn, 49-48%

This is an early poll and could be a crucial win for Republicans. If Perdue can make it over 50% he will avoid a run-off. 

7:00 pm – Signs of a Republican Wave: Mitch McConnell Wins KY, VA Too Close to Call

Close race ends up not being so close. Republican wave looking likely. 

The dog that isn’t barking is Virginia; which is too close to call. the closer VA is, the better it looks for the GOP. It means polls under-estimated Republican turnout. 

6:56 pm – CNN Has Something Called a Ballot-Cam

I have no idea what that is. 

6:53 pm – Joan Walsh Already Spinning Loss, Fears Backlash Against Women

Salon’s Joan Walsh is already worried and spinning…

6:50 pm – Only 20% Believe Government Will Do What Is Right

AP: Just 1 in 5 voters say they trust the government to do what is right most or all of the time, even fewer than in the 1994 midterms, when Republicans seized control of the House and Senate, and the last time the exit poll asked that question.

6:38 pm – Exit Polls: Dem Turnout NC, Repub Turnout KY, KS

Preliminary exit polls show Dem turnout in NC at 30 year low.

Harlan County has McConell pulling in 71% of the vote compared to 54% 6 years ago. Also over-performing in Bell County.

GOP turnout in KS at 20 year low. Two-thirds say Pat Roberts is creature of DC.

6:28 pm – MSNBC Election Night  Coverage Whiter Than Ferguson Police Force

Rachel Maddow, Robert Gibbs, Chris Matthews, and Steve Schmidt — all white. And I believe Chris Matthews counts as two white people.

6:18 pm – Brit Hume: Ed Gillespie (R-VA) Was Up 1 in Internal Poll

The Great Brit Hume reported that an internal poll for Ed Gillespie’s campaign in Virginia showed the Republican up one. 

If this is true, that will mean a very good night for Republicans. If VA is close, that could mean a Republican wave and much media sadness.

6:14 pm – CNN Adds Yet Another All-White Panel to Election Night Coverage

What’s the difference between Bigfoot and a black person on CNN? 

People have seen Bigfoot.

6:08 pm – INCREDIBLE PHOTO: Sea of White Faces On CNN

After nearly two years of merciless race-baiting in Florida and Ferguson, this is CNN tonight, y’all:

6:02 pm — Elite Media Sad Face Watch: Scuttlebutt says Virginia Closer than Expected

If Virginia is close, that’s good news for Republicans, which means we’re going to see some elite media sad faces tonight.  Virginia is not supposed to be close. If the polls are correct, Democrat Mark Warner will walk away with it:

5:59 pm – National Exit Polls: Gay Marriage

Approve of gay marriage in your state, 49% – Disapprove: 48%

5:43pm – More Exit Polls: ObamaCare, Immigration, Make-up of Electorate

Electorate made up of: 37% D – 34% R – 29% I, and 23% Liberal, 40% Moderate, 36% conservative

44% Approve of the way Obama’s doing his job, 54% disapprove

ObamaCare went too far: 47% yes, 22% about right, 26% not far enough

58% of illegals should get legal status, 38% deported

Feds handling of Ebola: 50% disapprove, 44% approve

5:32 – Democrat War Room is Tuned Into CNN

I’ve been saying for months that CNN’s turn left is meant to steal viewers from MSNBC. CNN just did a live-shot from the Democrats war room, which was tuned to CNN. 

I rest my case. 

5:26 – CNN’s Predominantly White Election Coverage Already Sucks

Does CNN really think America wants to watch white Anderson Cooper ask white Pet Hamby and white Elaine Benes Maggie Haberman questions all night long?  

Thank God white Wolf Blitzer threw it to white Dana Bash. 

5:19 – CNN Election Night Coverage Still Whiter Than Ferguson Police Force

Although a black voice, Cornell Belcher, has been added to CNN’s election night coverage, he is outnumbered by the white anchors listed below, as well as John King, the awesome SE Cupp, Jay Carney, and another old white guy whose name escapes. 

5:16 pm – Get Your Exit Poll Results

Legalize pot in your state: Favor: 49% – Oppose: 46%

Dem Party disapproval 56%, approve  40%. 

31% dissatisfied, 27% angry, and 30% satisfied with the Obama administration

79% disapprove of Congress, 19% approve

In Kentucky, nearly 7 in 10 voters say country on wrong track

Are you worried about your economic conditions? 78% say yes

49% say life for next generation will be worse, 22% disagree.

5:12 pm – Angry White Commies Agree with One Another On MSNBC

Ed Schultz and Bernie Sanders were angrily agreeing with one another on MSNBC. Something about “fair share” and the GOP being very, very bad. 

Their mutual tempers really flared when it was suggested someone might be on the lawn. 


5:08 pm – CNN’s Election Night Coverage Whiter Than Ferguson Police Force

Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Pet Hamby and Hillary Clinton’s campaign plant at Politico, Maggie Haberman. 

So far it’s all elite, leftwing White People repeating the same WATCH NEW HAMPSHIRE AND NORTH CAROLINA hummina-hummina we’ve been hearing since Friday.  

4:57 pm – Bizarre Election Night Message From Soledad O’Brien

Why would someone who believes in using your voice be on Al Jazeera America? That’s like believing in using a screwdriver while standing in a nail factory.