Rush: Jon Stewart Leaving ‘Daily Show’ Because Dems’ Future Bleak

Reuters/Eric Thayer

Conservative icon and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh believes Jon Stewart may be leaving The Daily Show because he knows that the country is going to get even more fed up with Democrats.

Limbaugh said that he was looking at Stewart’s resignation like a senior Democrat, knowing the party will not get back into power in the near future, resigning from the House.

“Maybe the thinking in certain circles is that the Democrats are not gonna win the White House again,” he said on his Wednesday show. “Maybe the thinking in certain circles is that the damage done by Obama is real, they have not succeeded in papering it over, the 2010, the 2014 midterms are clear evidence the American voter, those who care enough to show up and vote, are not all-in for the Democrat Party agenda.”

Limbaugh said that it is “abundantly clear the Democrat Party agenda is advanced against the will of the people” and “the Barack Obama agenda does not enjoy majority popular support of the people in this country, and it hasn’t for a long time.”

“And there’s no dispute,” he said.

Limbaugh added that media elites like Jon Stewart and David Brooks who fell hard for Obama “thought it was gonna be unity and love and no more racism and no more sexism and everybody getting along and no more terrorism because Obama was so wonderful and so great.”

“He was gonna end all that, but now all of that is worse than ever,” Limbaugh said of Obama. “Barack Obama was the answer, Barack Obama was the hero, Barack Obama was gonna fix everything, and while all this has been going on, Jon Stewart has lampooned and impugned and destroyed and taken out as many Republicans as he can when they haven’t had a thing to do with this, except now and then standing aside and letting it happen.”

He said that “Stewart has helped to polarize the country by poisoning the Republican brand” but noted that, “aside from what you think you’ve done to destroy conservatives, where is there anything to brag about?”:

Unless you actually believe this country needs to be torn apart and transformed. Unless you actually hate capitalism and you think that there have been great inroads made in destroying it, maybe, but that’s not something you could run around brag about because you’re in the minority. Most people do not want the country destroyed. Most people don’t want capitalism destroyed. Most people think capitalism is where the American dream lives. So you can’t run around and brag about that so what are you gonna brag about?

Limbaugh also theorized that the overrated Stewart may have decided that he did not want to carry water for Hillary Clinton like he had to for Obama, especially when the country is becoming more fed up with the failed policies that Democrats have pushed since Obama’s election.


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