Media Fail: Netanyahu’s Favorability Ratings Best Obama


Despite months of relentless attacks coming from President Obama, his White House, and his sycophants in the mainstream media, here in America Benjamin Netanyahu has seen a boost in his favorability rating to where the Israeli Prime Minister is now in much better shape than our own President.

According to the latest Gallup poll, 45% of Americans view Netanyahu favorably while only 24% view him unfavorably.  Since 2012, Netanyahu’s favorability rating has jumped a full 10 points, while his unfavorable rating has risen an insignificant 1%.

The latest favorability ratings for Obama come from a Feb 23 Economist/YouGov poll that shows Obama tied with Netanyahu in favorability with 45%, but with an unfavorable rating of more than double that of Netanyahu’s at 50%. This is a poll of 1000 adults. Gallup polled 837 adults.

As far as job approval, according to the most recent Gallup poll Obama sits at 44% approve, 51% disapprove.

Netanyahu’s jump in approval is a massive failure for a mainstream media that has red-lined in its attempts to derail Netanyahu’s much-anticipated Tuesday speech before both chambers of Congress.

The very same media that champions Obama’s lawless crusades around Congress is now comically furious over a breach of diplomatic protocol that saw House Speaker John Boehner invite Netanyahu to speak without first alerting a president  — a president who his currently writing the laws he wants and violating his Constitutional oath by refusing to enforce those he doesn’t.

The media did everything in its power to promote a failed boycott of the speech by Democratic lawmakers (so far only about 10% have refused to attend) and to paint those who support Netanyahu’s speech as disloyal to President Obama, and by extension America.

The media has been on a McCarthyist rampage all year; brutally punishing anyone they perceive as disloyal to Obama. On top of these attacks against Netanyahu and his American supporters for defying The King, the media spent a full week blasting Rudy Giuliani for questioning Obama’s patriotism. Then the media spent 4 days blasting Republican Governor Scott Walker for not vouching for Obama’s faith and patriotism.

The media fails to understand that loyalty to country does not mean loyalty to the president or to the government.

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