Ignoring the Wishes of Embattled Residents, CNN Returns to Ferguson


CNN announced Thursday that it is returning to the embattled city of Ferguson, the scene of the crime so to speak, where CNN poured an Olympic-sized swimming pool full of kerosene on police and on the bald-faced lie that Michael Brown was shot in cold blood by a city police officer. Even before the worst of the riots in that predominantly black working class city, black and white Ferguson residents came together to agree that the media made things worse.

CNN doesn’t care about Ferguson’s residents. If CNN did care, they would honor the wishes of those residents and stay home. Unfortunately for them, CNN’s goal is to make things worse.

Excusing violence against Ferguson residents and their property; fomenting mob violence by choosing to buy into lies about  “gentle giants” and “hands up don’t shoot,” was not an editorial mistake on CNN’s part. It was part of a careful plan to seed chaos, not just to boost their lousy ratings but also for political gain.

The Democrat Party couldn’t hold its fractured coalition together without dividing Americans along racial and gender lines. There always has to be a boogeyman to keep us divided. Always. So CNN manufactured a Gentle Giant who put his hands up before a white cop gunned him down.

We now know that wasn’t true. In fact, the complete opposite was true. That Not-So-Gentle Giant attacked and charged a police officer who will never get his reputation back. Because of CNN and much of the rest of the media, a good cop lost his job, cannot return to his home, and cannot return to risking his life to protect the residents of Ferguson from those (like CNN ) who seek to do them harm.

And all because CNN lied and lied and lied and lied and lied.

And now that CNN has returned, and all we can do is hope that the good people of Ferguson are up to date on their fire insurance.

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