Credibility Crisis: Ratings Bottom Out of CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’


A series of credibility issues might be finally catching to CNN’s Brian Stelter. The left-wing media reporter’s weekly CNN media show “Reliable Sources” crash-landed Sunday with just 106,000 viewers in the coveted 25-54 viewer demo. That’s Stelter’s lowest rating of the year.

Fox News broadcasts its own media show, Mediabuzz, at the same time. Host Howard Kurtz nearly doubled Stelter’s demo viewers with 199,000. Even Headline News beat Stleter with 133,000 demo viewers.

In the world of cable news, 100,000 demo viewers is considered the lowest acceptable number.

IN total viewers Kurtz scored 986K compared to Stelter’s 518K.

Unfortunately for CNN, since his hiring, Stelter has become more famous for his credibility issues than his reporting. Just last month, in an apparent attempt to rescue Brian Williams (Stelter’s CNN boss Jeff Zucker and Williams are reportedly friends), Stelter had a story favorable to Williams blow completely up in his face when it was discovered Stelter had not properly vetted his source.

A month earlier, the Washington Post discovered Stelter was beating Fox News up over a story that CNN itself had previously promoted.

Using discredited left-wing sources, Stelter regularly goes on anti-Fox News crusades while ignoring or glossing over the plagiarism, corruption, and incomprehensible bias of his CNN colleagues.

Who wants to watch a watchman who himself needs to be watched?


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