Marco Rubio vs. The New York Times

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Those little New York Times articles (hit pieces) about Marco Rubio and his main squeeze, Jeanette Rubio, receiving 17 traffic infractions, as well as living a lavish, Miami Vice-style life in West Miami, Florida, continue to be clowned by other members of the media.

The Rubios are far from wealthy. This I know because Rubio still owes me $2 for a valet tip I loaned him in 2010.

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart piled on Hillary Clinton’s press shop, better known as The New York Times, mocking them for trying to cast a bad light over the Rubios for paying off student loans, owning a offshore fishing boat, and getting those annoying traffic tickets.

That reminds me: I have to drive up to Delray Beach to pay two speeding tickets that I “unjustly” received.

Politico reports, “You bastard! Paying off law school loans? How dare you. At long last, senator, have you no sense of insolvency? Stewart deadpanned.”

Stewart continued:

Oh sh—! Marco Rubio got … 4 tickets! In … 17 years! I assume The New York Times obtained this damning information from Marco Rubio’s plaque in the Hall of Best Miami Drivers Ever.

Oh, what’s the matter, Senator? The normal amount of light isn’t good enough for you? I’m Senator Marco Rubio. I like to roll around in giant patches of sunlight! Like I’m a big ol’ kitty cat. Meow.

Stewart was referencing the “Times’ reporting of the Rubios’ purchase in 2005 of a larger home for $550,000 in 2005 that included, according to the paper, an in-ground pool, a handsome brick driveway, meticulously manicured shrubs and oversize windows,” per Politico.


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