Jorge Ramos Uses Wall but Wants Open Borders for the Rest of Us


America got a first-hand look at how Mr. Trump’s deportation plan would be administered when Univision’s Jorge Ramos unwittingly volunteered to demonstrate the process at an Iowa press conference.

After refusing to wait his turn in line to ask questions of the Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Trump “deported” Mr. Ramos from the press conference, then proceeded to bring him back in after he agreed to wait his turn – making Trump’s comprehensive immigration reform plan look quite feasible.

For those unfamiliar with Jorge Ramos, he is the debonair host of the Hispanic news show Noticiero Univision. He’s an “anchor baby” of sorts in that he is a news anchor and at times a crybaby. Most notably, Mr. Ramos is an advocate for an open border policy between the United States and Mexico – a system where people are allowed to freely macarena back and forth across our borders. In essence, through non-enforcement of our current immigration laws, we have the open border policy that Mr. Ramos has so longed for. And as can be seen through his questioning of Mr. Trump, Mr. Ramos wants to keep it that way.

Mr. Ramos’ open border policy has an interesting side effect though — it burdens our public schools with the children of illegal immigrants that pull resources from our kids and disproportionately so in at-risk minority communities. In places like California, as much as 13.2% of K-12 public school students are children of illegal immigrants. This open border policy has likely dragged down our schools academically as well – helping pave the way for the federal government to intervene with hugely unpopular learning standards and standardized tests in a clumsy attempt to boost lagging test scores. Coincidently, an open border has the added benefit of increasing Mr. Ramos’ potential TV audience. What a fantástico business model!

The (not so) funny thing is that Jorge Ramos actually shelters his kids from the effects of the very policy he so adamantly advocates. How you may ask? Well, Mr. Ramos sends his kids to elite private schools, including a Miami preK-12 school with tuition that reaches above $30,000 a year per student. I think it’s fair to say most illegal immigrants aren’t footing that bill.

So the next time you hear Mr. Ramos passionately arguing that the US/Mexican border does not need a wall, remember this — he does so knowing that his kids are walled off in ways that most American children are not.

Patrick Courrielche has contributed to Breitbart since 2009. He can be followed on Twitter @courrielche.


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