Gun Control Truthers: Carson Attacks Prove Media Prefer Schoolchildren Helpless and Dead

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

In just three short years, after 12 mass murderers have targeted 12 schools, too many of them with tragic success, the national media’s position on this matter is painfully clear: the media wantsour schoolchildren helpless and dead.

The media won’t say that of course. What they do say is that the answer to stopping these tragedies is a unicorn called gun control.

Yes, the elite media is nothing more than a bunch of Gun Control Truthers.

After nearly a dozen test cases, we know for a fact that there is no gun control law that would have stopped a single one of these massacres and attempted massacres.

Despite the fact that we know this, despite all the Science proving this, the Gun Control Truthers in the national media continue to not only push Gun Control Trutherism, they attack any idea that involves any attempt to not stand there like a sitting duck as a madman with a firearm picks our children off one by one.

There are very real practical solutions to this very real epidemic.

  1. Secure our schools:

Media won’t talk about that.

  1. Put armed security guards in schools:

Media won’t talk about that. When it’s brought up, the media acts horrified at the idea of shattering the innocence of children with armed guards in schools. The media is a-okay with shattering the innocence of schoolchildren with sex education but not with a good guy carrying a gun who might save their lives.

  1. Train, certify, and arm volunteer teachers:

Anytime someone brings this up, like Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson did this week, you’d think he suggested we teach first graders about homosexuality. Oh, wait.

  1. Fight back when confronted by a mad gunman:

Again, being proactive, Carson suggested that instead of waiting to die, students charge the gunman. Someone will probably die doing so but that approach will almost certainly lower the death count. It is a brave and risky thing to do. No one should be judged for not doing it. Carson is not judging anyone for not doing it. Nevertheless, he is being murdered in the media for daring to suggest such a thing and those who are the most self-righteous and sanctimonious, like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, are laughably attacking Carson for “criticizing the victims.”

5. Stop advertising gun-free zones: 

Put a sign out front of a journalist’s home that reads “GUN FREE HOME” and watch how quickly it is torn down. No journalist would advertise their home and family as helpless, but that’s what they want advertised outside of your child’s school. This is utter madness.

So what are we to glean from all this?

There is only one answer.

The media is terrified a solution mightl come along before Democrats have had an opportunity to exploit piles of dead schoolchildren into tougher gun control laws.

Like the Democrats, the national media knows that without dead schoolchildren chances are almost zero they will ever be able to pass federal laws that confiscate our guns. Therefore…

The national media and Democrats despise any idea that involves people standing up for themselves. In general, they loath the very idea of self-sufficiency and rugged individualism, but if applied to these school shootings, such a thing could undo all of their gun control dreams.

That’s why, unless the prescription is a bigger federal government, the media either ignores or attacks as crazy all ideas that are not a government solution.

That’s why the media is treating Carson as an extremist loon for daring to suggest we pro-actively secure our children and fight back rather than risk certain death.

The media’s Gun Control Truthers are not just anti-science, they are dangerous partisans who time and again prove they would rather see our children dead than protected.

None of the four solutions listed above are 100%, but at least they give our kids a fighting chance.

Aak yourselves: Why don’t the media and Democrats want out children to have even that?

Wanting everyone helpless and dead is no virtue.



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