In the Coming Wave of DC Media Hate, Pro-Life Voices Must Grow Louder

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As of this writing we do not yet know the motive behind the horrific murders perpetrated at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic Friday afternoon. No matter the motive, all decent people condemn this violence and pray for the victims and their loved ones. The indecent, like CNN’s Michael Smerconish, are already using a terrible crime to attack Planned Parenthood critics. Like his garbage-fire network, Smerconish isn’t going to wait for the facts to push his agenda.

Brace yourselves, folks.

As we have already seen throughout the past 15 hours, the ghoulish DC Media is thrilled over Friday afternoon’s events. Within a half-hour of the news breaking, before anyone knew anything, before anything was confirmed or even reasonably clear, left-wing outlets like CNN and MSNBC were already attempting to tie the clinic shooting to a series of abortion videos that not only proved  Planned Parenthood was trafficking in dead baby parts, but that “doctors” were altering abortion procedures to salvage those parts.

In other words, whatever the shooter’s motives, it will not matter to our media. Throughout next week, the incident will be used to bash traditional Christians, pro-lifers, and Second Amendment civil rights advocates like the NRA. If past is prologue, our Elite Media Ghouls will receive no small amount of help with their propaganda campaign from Democrats and the White House.

Let me assure you that this weekend is being used by the DC Media and Democrats and the White House to coordinate attacks that will have one goal in mind: to marginalize and silence pro-life voices.

While weathering the DC Media’s coming fascist hate-storm, we must keep the following in mind: that no matter the how and why behind Friday afternoon’s appalling and indefensible violence, the Truth is still the Truth, and this is the Truth…

Abortion is murder.

Abortion is an abomination.

Abortion is a demonic act that butchers innocent children.

Abortion is infanticide.

Taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood is a moral outrage.

Almost entirely for purposes of convenience, nearly 60 million innocent children have been butchered since the Supreme Court manufactured a Constitutional right to kill your unborn child.

In the coming days, as the defenders of this barbaric practice get more shrill, we must not be intimidated. In fact, with the media spotlight on abortion and on the pro-life movement, we must use this opportunity to continue to make our case for the million-plus innocent lives that will be legally massacred next year.

Outside or inside the womb, senseless violence must be condemned.

Those who condemn one and not the other have no place in a civil society.


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