Walt Disney Gives Vice Media $400M To Push ‘Junglep*ssy’ On Your Kids,


The same Walt Disney Company that brought the world Bambi, Pinocchio, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty is investing $400 million into the left-wing Vice Media to now bring you “Junglepussy” and a “Satanic Temple Leader Blogging Her Abortion” and “Meth-Fueled Weeklong Orgies Ravaging London’s Gay-Party Scene” and the sponsoring of North Korean propaganda and whatever this is.

Financial Times:

Walt Disney is doubling its stake in Vice Media to $400m, lifting its stake in the youth-focused media group to about 10 per cent, according to people familiar with the matter.

The deal, which values Vice at more than $4bn, comes weeks after Disney’s first $200m investment in the Brooklyn-based company.

Here is the most disturbing part. Vice is coming for your kids, and with nearly a half-billion dollars, the house that Walt and Mickey Built is funding the scheme:

At first glance, Disney’s wholesome family brand would not immediately appear to have much in common with Vice’s edgy programming.

But the company is betting that Vice has further room to grow after attracting an audience of younger viewers and readers who are often beyond the reach of traditional media outlets.

Vice Media is yet-another one of those left-wing social justice warrior outlets that pretends to care about issues like racism and hunger and the poor. It is all just a front, though, in the Left’s messianic jihad against everything good about our culture.

While wielding a phony social justice warrior shield, Vice seeks to normalize destructive depravity while making those who join their cause feel morally superior.

Vice is promoting self-destructive anarchy, preparing to aim that hate at your children, and no less than Walt Disney is making that push possible.


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