Losing Influence: 6 Great DC Media Failures of 2015


We will never be fully rid of the DC Media. Like the garbage-in/manure-out maggots they are, the DC Media will always be a rancid part of the circle of political life. The political left is, if nothing else, relentless, and they will never fully give up the propaganda perch that is this corrupt institution.

That doesn’t mean that the righteous war to politically-exterminate them should be any less relentless, because it is already resulting in quantifiable benefits. The influence these serial-liars once enjoyed to sway public opinion and set the parameters of the national debate, is evaporating.

In no particular order, here are six battles the DC Media waged relentlessly and handily lost in 2015.

Feel free to point and laugh.

  1. The Annihilation of Donald Trump

Ridicule, dismissal, outright lying, coordinated hate-campaigns… Nothing has worked. Using New Media, social media, and a brilliant understanding of how to manipulate a crooked institution, Donald Trump has used, abused and weaponized the American political media to a point where the Republican nomination is now his to lose.

Moreover, in the most recent head-to-head poll, Trump is only -2 points behind Hillary Clinton; this is after 2 months of the worst press he could imagine, and 2 months of the best press she could imagine.

Trump hasn’t even begun to train his fire on Clinton, and this terrifies a corrupt political media used to Republicans who, for decades, have agreed to play and lose by their rules.


  1. Gun Control

Feasting off a pile of dead Sandy Hook Elementary schoolchildren, the DC media was sure they had a two-fer: A propaganda bonanza that would end with law-abiding citizens being disarmed, and a political victory for The Precious Obama.

Ever since, up to and including the San Bernardino terror attack, the DC Media has exploited every opportunity to restrict our Second Amendment civil rights.

With New Media refusing to cave to the emotional blackmail, exposing the madness of gun-free zones and the serial lies told by the gun-grabbers, and reporting the truth about the huge decrease in gun violence as gun sales soar,  fast-forward more than two years and this anti-science propaganda campaign has not only failed, it has failed spectacularly.

Moreover, gun sales continue to soar to record heights.


  1. The Washington Redskins

Last time I looked the Washington Redskins are still named the Washington Redskins.

While our delusional left-wing DC Media and their allies in the Democrat Party use this non-troversy to puff themselves up as self-righteous Mississippi Burning warriors (can I still say “warriors?”) , the American people aren’t falling for it.

Because the maggots can no longer bottleneck the truth, the public knows that the people who are supposed to be offended — not white limousine liberals but, you know, actual American Indians — are not only are not offended, but name some of their own high school teams the Redskins.


  1. Syrian Refugees

After the Paris terror attacks earlier this year, the common sense call went out to put the brakes on Obama’s suicidal plan to resettle 100,000 Syrian refuges here in America. ISIS has promised to seed this group with terrorists, and did so successfully with at least one of the terrorists in Paris.

Coordinating another emotional blackmail campaign, the entire DC Media Complex banded together to again pretend Mississippi was burning.

“Meet the Press” spent an entire hour comparing us to Nazis.

CNN compared us to anti-Semites who denied Jewish refugees fleeing from the Nazis.

The sanctimonious, self-righteous editorials flowed as one “journalist” after another dropped all pretense of objectivity to smear America as racist.

New Media again fought back with the truth. Not only had Obama’s own F.B.I. Director stated that vetting these refugees would be next to impossible, there was also the matter of the female jihadist responsible for 14 murders in San Bernardino. As it would happen, she managed to slip through the very same federal government vetting program the liars in the DC Media had just assured us was flawless.

This issue is now a major liability for Democrats, including Hillary Clinton.


  1. The End of the Rigged Republican Debates

After John Harwood’s appallingly dishonest performance as moderator of the October CNBC GOP primary debate, New Media, the Republican presidential candidates, and the Republican Party rose up and finally said no more.

For decades, the maggots have used Republican primary debates to disqualify our candidates with loaded questions, serial lies, and a premise that says Democrats are right about everything.

The two debates since, including one hosted by CNN, have been professional — have been night and day.


  1. The Implosion of the Lying Fact-Checkers

The serial-leftwing liars and propagandists who pose as objective fact checkers, finally went too far. One phony fact check after another has exposed these frauds forever. Their impact is nowhere near what it was, and continues to dwindle as they are caught time again calling black white and white black, all in service to Democrats.

Watching one Republican candidate after another wrist-flick the very same fact checks that used to put them on defense, is about as good as it gets.


As it always will with the American people, the Truth is winning. It just needs to get out there. Nevertheless, the DC Media is just going to keep lying. In return, we need only keep telling the truth. These people deserve zero respect. Contempt, scorn, and truth have gotten us this far.

Let’s use 2016 to double and triple down.


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