Washington Post: Coverage of Abuse Allegations Against Bill Clinton Victimizes Hillary

The Associated Press

In a lengthy news (not opinion) article designed to hand the DC Media what they are so desperate for — an excuse to ignore the dozen or so women accusing both Bill and Hillary Clinton of inappropriate behavior — the left-wing Washington Post not only covers up the allegations against Hillary, they make the argument that media coverage of the allegations turns Hillary Clinton into another victim of Bill’s.

This piece isn’t just the usual-usual, pro-Hillary, left-wing bias one expects from the Washington Post, it is yet another example of how the DC Media continues to re-victimize these women by dismissing and downplaying the full story surrounding their allegations.

Clinton’s greatest advantage over Cosby might be that these issues have been talked about for decades already — and that he’s not himself on the ballot again this year. Are old allegations against Bill Clinton suddenly relevant just because his wife is running for president again?

By contrast, most of the Cosby allegations are very new.

Old news! Nothing to see here!

However, no mention is made of the numerous women who claim Hillary waged campaigns of personal destruction to silence them — something that has never been publicly litigated.

And here is where the Washington Post makes the absurd claim that media coverage of the scandals makes Hillary a victim:

And the media don’t have to worry about looking like they are trying to sully someone be association, as they do with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton’s history might be fair game in this year’s presidential election, as Hillary Clinton deploys him as a surrogate and makes standing up for sexual assault victims part of her platform. But it also seems that the person who could pay the biggest price for Bill Clinton’s alleged mistreatment of women would be another woman — his wife. …

So expect the media to keep treading carefully when recounting claims about the 42nd president’s misdeeds, even as it pursues the Cosby story aggressively.

The Washington Post includes this tweet from Juanita Broadrrick, one of the women who claims Bill Clinton raped her…

…but for painfully obvious reasons, The Washington Post chose not to include these tweets from Broaddrick:

The twenty-year DC Media cover-up returns.

The real and alleged victims are again being dismissed by the Washington Post.

And the new DC Media spin is that Hillary is the victim if voters are finally told the full truth.

Democrats sure got it good…


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