Glenn Beck: Sarah Palin’s Trump Endorsement Reminded Me of Howard Dean’s Scream

Jemal Countess/Getty Images
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Glenn Beck said Tuesday night in a Facebook video to his fans that Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump reminded him of Howard Dean’s widely-mocked 2004 campaign moment that came to be known as the “Dean Scream.”

During a car ride with his radio co-host Pat Gray, Beck and Gray fielded questions from his Facebook fans on video. One question about halfway through the 20-minute recording asked for the men’s reaction to Sarah Palin’s speech endorsing Donald Trump in Ames, Iowa.

After reading the question, Beck grimaced slightly–until Gray broke the silence.

“Not the greatest speech ever delivered, maybe,” Gray quipped. “Can’t quite comprehend how she wound up supporting Donald Trump instead of Ted Cruz or even Rand Paul or even Marco Rubio, for that matter. How do you go with Donald Trump, from where Sarah Palin was–who was associated with the Tea Party–to Donald Trump? It doesn’t make any sense. And it was a terrible speech. Horrifically bad speech. Weird, uncomfortable, screechy. Bless her heart, though. Bless her heart.”

In response, Beck first reminisced about a flap with Palin from last year where he called her a “clown” on CNN–reminding viewers, with self-deprecation, that he “had said something stupid and… I wanted to apologize to her cuz I flew off the handle.”

Beck then gave a brief review of Palin’s Iowa speech (beginning approximately 12 minutes into the video): “Honestly, last night I felt as bad for her [Palin] doing that as I did for Howard Dean when he was like, ‘And we’re gonna take Indiana and Washington and WOO!’ The Dean Scream, remember? I thought that was very reminiscent of that.”

Beck has been open about his opposition to Donald Trump’s candidacy on his radio broadcast and social media. He has maintained that Trump is a progressive, suggesting that his conservative and Tea Party supporters are motivated by racism against Barack Obama. In the past week, Beck has apologized for claiming, based on a hoax Twitter account, that Trump voted for Obama in 2008–then published an infographic defending his belief that Trump may have voted for Obama while endorsing and fundraising for John McCain.

The radio host will appear at two campaign rallies with Ted Cruz in Iowa this weekend; the Washington Times reports that Beck will likely give the Texas senator a formal endorsement. In his personal announcement of the event, Beck wrote of Cruz: “Hope to see you there as I lend my support to help defend the constitution, a small government crusader and an authentic conservative Christian candidate.”


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