Glenn Beck: I Would Feel Unsafe Alone with ‘Psychopath’ Trump, Presidency Would ‘Lead to Civil War’

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Glenn Beck described Donald Trump as mentally ill and dangerous–on an individual and national scale–in his social media reaction to Saturday’s Republican presidential debate in Greenville, South Carolina.

Beck, the nationally syndicated talk radio host and founder of TheBlaze cable network, live tweeted the debate, sharing a dozen messages. Eight of the twelve tut-tutted Donald Trump’s performance and peaked with Beck speculating that Trump is physically dangerous. “I would worry about safety if I were alone w/him,” he wrote.

Later, Beck took to his Facebook account and said “the psychiatric community” needs to diagnose Trump, for if he were elected President, the United States would surely fall into a civil war.

Tonight’s debate is the most uncomfortable, angry, hate-filled 2 hours I have ever experienced.

Is anyone else shaken by this? I found it seriously and deeply disturbing.

The psychiatric community needs to step up and address what we are witnessing. This man is a narcissistic psychopath. That is NOT name calling, that is a search for a diagnosis. If he is not then he is merely a game show host that is trying to get ratings. If that is true, that, in and of itself, is a sign of a deep disturbance.

It is not a presidential debate. It is a combination of WWE, a cheap game show and the worst of Jerry Springer.

I believe, if this is not the eye opening moment for America on who Donald Trump is at the core, this country is surely lost.

Four years of this bully will lead to civil war or worst. The poison that is being injected into our body couldn’t be more toxic.

Because I know God is just, tonight, I tremble for my country.

Those with influence that do not speak out now, will pay a heavy price when liberty is lost and evil grows.

On his own Twitter account, Trump taunted Beck by pointing out the unscientific online poll on Beck’s own TheBlaze showed the billionaire beating Ted Cruz, whom Beck has endorsed and campaigned for.


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