Buckley Wept: National Review Won’t Stop Trashing American Citizens

SUMTER, South Carolina
Alex Swoyer

If you dare support Donald Trump, you should know that the smugs at National Review are pointing and laughing, even at some of their own customers, at the very people National Review founder William F. Buckley famously trusted more than the elite. Today has a “y” in it, so there’s yet another diatribe against National Review’s favorite target — you:

The sad irony is this: the intelligentsia’s confidence that Trump would fade was in fact a strong sign of their respect for the judgment of the Republican base. If you are looking for the people who truly disdained those voters, find the pundits who predicted from the beginning that this guy might actually win. Yet by flocking to him now, Trump voters are ensuring they will be a punchline –​sometimes feared, but never respected –​ for years to come.

We should not be unsympathetic to National Review’s frustration. The Establishment’s favorite publication did devote an entire issue against Trump, one that was actually titled “Against Trump,” and that particular issue ended up being a dead cat that didn’t even have the decency to bounce.

Our Betters are frustrated. And why shouldn’t they be? The DC Trough, and all the cocktails and backslapping and Master-of-the-Universing that comes with the Business-as-Usual that only fails the hoi polloi, is at risk.

I get the frustration.

I even get the elitism.

What I mostly get, though, is the relentless stupidity.

Attacking, insulting, degrading, and marginalizing your own voters is stupid, incredibly stupid, breathtakingly stupid, and exactly the kind of immature, crybaby tactics that have cost the GOP the popular vote in 4 of the last 5 elections; exactly the kind of circular firing squad-thinking that ensures Obama’s continued victories, despite the GOP holding both Houses of Congress.

National Review has done this before, and they will most certainly do it again. That’s what smug snobs do, they point and laugh at The Powerless because that’s easier than summoning the moral courage to take a personal inventory, even after decades of electoral failure.

Regardless of how the 2016 primary eventually shakes out, there is no question that one of the great services provided by Donald Trump has been in so frustrating the Establishment, they finally threw off the mask to reveal only contempt for those who desire to disrupt their DC Gravy Train.


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