Prosecutor: Michelle Fields Denied Touching Trump, ‘and That’s Not What We See Captured on Video’

CCTV Screenshot

Prosecutors in Palm Beach County say that Michelle Fields denied touching Donald Trump before she was grabbed by Corey Lewandowski but they concluded that surveillance video showed the opposite was true.

From the Daily Mail:

Prosecutors said during Thursday’s press conference that Michelle Fields made physical contact with Donald Trump before Corey Lewandowski touched her, but denied it during their conversations with her.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg described the incident, saying Fields ‘makes her way beyond the press area and gets right next to Mr. Trump and actually makes slight contact with Mr. Trump.’

Aronberg’s chief assistant prosecutor, Adrienne Ellis, chose more forceful words while narrating video footage: ‘You can see when she gets next to him that she touches him and you can see Mr. Trump recoil his arm like that, and that is the point at which Mr. Lewandowski reaches in.’

Ellis also recalled a conversation with Trump in which ‘he said that she touched him, and all that’s captured on the video surveillance. … it was quite evident.’

But Ellis said Fields told her that she never made physical contact with Trump.

‘My conversation with her was basically that she, you know, did not touch Mr Trump,’ Ellis said.

A reporter countered: ‘She said that to you?’

‘Yes,’ Ellis replied, ‘that she did not touch Mr. Trump. And that’s not what we see captured on video.’

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