Dana Loesch: I’ve Seen Firsthand the Horror of Kayleigh McEnany’s Condition but I Did Nothing Wrong

YouTube / TheBlaze

Radio host Dana Loesch is not backing down after a monologue criticizing “flat-chested” Trump supporter and CNN analyst Kayleigh McEnany resulted in backlash from conservatives.

After it was reported that McEnany is undergoing mastectomy surgery due to having the cancerous gene BRCA1, Loesch — once the editor of Breitbart’s Big Journalism — wrote on her personal blog that she did not cross a line, and her critics should feel “shame… for such a ridiculous deflection.”

This election cycle the most fervent Trump supporters have excused, defended, even cheered a candidate that has mocked a disabled reporter, the appearance of cancer-survivor Carly Fiorina (sadly, this gene also runs in my family which has been ravaged by cancer), and women in general.

In fact, this most fervent group’s behavior is the epitome of Social Justice Warrior Political Correctness. I pointed this out in my monologue (also here and here) regarding a Trump surrogate who had the audacity to play bouncer of the conservative movement by personally attacking and smearing conservatives I know and claiming that you can’t be a true conservative unless you whole-heartedly support Donald Trump. Her statement was asinine and my observation, delivered in the stated style of Donald Trump, was absolutely valid. That I chose this rhetorical device (I even predicted the outrage and literally mocked it mid-monologue in the video) served the purpose of highlighting the hypocrisy of these most fervent supporters, and they didn’t disappoint with their hypocritical reaction.

As she promoted the article on Twitter, Loesch claimed at least eight times that she has the same gene in her family, but she hasn’t taken preventative measures like McEnany. She acknowledged seeing its effects firsthand, writing: “I’ve watched every woman in my family die a horrible death from it.”

Loesch, of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze cable network, first criticized McEnany on Monday afternoon, referring to her as “flat-chested,” which sparked the backlash.

After this monologue came to light in a cheering post from RedState — where Loesch also criticized McEnany’s blonde hair and teeth — it was reported that McEnany started the process of undergoing a preventative mastectomy after she found out she was BRCA1 positive. The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein said Loesch “may want to bury her head in sand for a day or two.”

Independent Journal said that the oversight on McEnany’s life story is “a valuable life lesson” for Loesch.

A post on The Daily Wire said Loesch “lost her ever-loving mind” during the monologue. A blog on Patheos, shared on Twitter by actress Stacey Dash, chastised Loesch for presenting a poor example of her professed Christian faith:

Yes, this is where we are in the 2016 Presidential race.  The Christian conservative #NeverTrumps who hate the Donald for — among other things — making fun of women, choose to mock his supporters for being women who just aren’t as pretty as they should be.

Being BRCA1 positive means an individual has a particular gene that causes on average a 65 percent chance of developing certain types of cancer. McEnany is BRCA1 positive and eight of her aunts have each had breast cancer.

“I had implants put in,” McEnany previously explained, saying her next step will be to remove the breast tissue and then later, her ovaries. “I’m terrified every time I get an MRI … It’s haunting.”


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