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Alec Baldwin: Time to Rethink Second Amendment

Actor Alec Baldwin entered the gun control push on March 5 by tweeting his criticism of the number of guns Americans can purchase and stressing his belief that it is time to rethink the Second Amendment.


16 Stupidest Comments About the Parkland Shooting Massacre (So Far)

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting massacre, and in order to deflect away from the only answer to this contagion of school shootings (which of course is hardening school security),  our media and the left in general have to manufacture one stupid-hour after another in order to keep the focus on gun-grabbing.

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Nolte: David Hogg Spreads Conspiracy Theories on CNN

Is there no one who loves David Hogg — the 17-year-old Florida school shooting witness/anti-gun crusader — enough to give him better talking points and a good old-fashioned spanking?

David Hogg on CNN

Watch: Megyn Kelly Convenes ‘Conservatives Against Trump’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” National Review editor Rich Lowry rolled out his magazine’s effort to challenge Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s bid to be the eventual Republican nominee. Lowry told host Megyn Kelly, who has had her own