Wikileaks: CNN Asked Democrats to Draft Questions for Republican Candidate Interviews


A new Wikileaks dump of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails shows CNN asked the party’s political operatives to draft questions for anchors Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper to interview Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

From the Daily Mail:

The Democratic National Committee helped CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper prepare for interviews with Donald Trump, the latest WikiLeaks email dump has revealed.

Among the batch of 8,263 emails released on Sunday night, one shows that staff working for the network hosts asked DNC staffers what questions they should put to the Republican candidate.

They also asked for advice when it came to an appearance from former candidate, Ted Cruz.

An email dated April 28 entitled ‘Cruz on CNN’ reads ‘CNN is looking for questions. Please send some topical/interesting ones.’

That email was sent from DNC research director Lauren Dillon to other officials and staffers.

Days before that, on April 25 she asked for questions from officials and staffers for an interview that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer would be conducting with Trump.

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