David Brock: ‘The Resistance is Working’

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Left-wing political operative and Hillary Clinton acolyte David Brock is claiming in a new op-ed that the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special prosecutor in the probe into alleged Russian interference in the election is a sign that “the resistance is working.”

Brock, who is known for his leadership of “Media Matters for America” and his gushing praise of the failed presidential candidate, claims in a piece for USA Today it “took months of mounting pressure and persistence from Democrats to build public support for action while Republicans in Congress refused to even entertain the idea — let alone act.”

“Only then did the Justice Department and others in the Republican Party come face to face with the reality that the status quo was not sustainable — only then did they move,” he says.

“The takeaway is clear: the resistance is working, and we cannot let up.”

Brock’s piece comes at an awkward time for the hard-left, a day before the testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. Comey’s testimony was released Wednesday afternoon and lacks many of the the juicy revelations Trump opponents and beltway journalists had hoped for — but it does include a statement by Comey that he told Trump he was not under investigation.

Yet Brock’s accounting of the buildup to recent events is dramatic and breathless, and he claims he is confident that it was the work of “progressives” that “laid the foundation for an independent investigation.”

“Our work, however, is just getting started,” he says, warning his progressive allies not to “just sit back” and let the investigation go along.

Brock warns against White House attempts to discredit Mueller and to narrow the scope of the investigation. Instead, he urges the left to “be vigilant and united” in opposing attempts to obstruct the investigation, to keep the pressure on Republican lawmakers over the investigation, and for Democrats to demand any nominee for FBI director “vow to maintain independence from the special prosecutor’s investigation.”

Near the end of the piece, he argues that what is at stake is the ability of Americans to choose their own leaders. In doing so, he delves into the Russia conspiracy theories that have been core to the Clinton narrative of why she lost the election:

The Russians tried to take away our inalienable right as Americans to elect our own leaders. This investigation matters because we need to know if Trump, or any individual on his team, worked with Russia to do it or tried to cover it up after the fact. Nothing short of our security as the world’s greatest democracy is at stake.

He finishes with a flourish belonging perhaps more to Les Misérables than USA Today:

“We must continue to resist. Letting up is not an option.”

Adam Shaw is a politics reporter for Breitbart News based in New York. Follow Adam on Twitter: @AdamShawNY


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