Nolte: Cillizza’s Trump-in-Crosshairs Tweet Is CNN’s Latest ‘Assassination Dogwhistle’

CNN's Chris Cillizza Facebook photo
Chris Cillizza/Facebook

Chris Cillizza, a far-left staffer at the anti-Trump CNN, claims that a now-deleted tweet of his that flashed what looked like a rifle’s crosshairs over video of President Donald Trump, was an error. For a whole lot of reasons, this is difficult to believe, especially when you look at the basement-rated CNN’s history of “assassination dogwhistles” aimed at the president.

Intent matters, so we must first take a look at what CNN believes. This is fairly easy because time and again and again, CNN has told us that it believes images, rhetoric, and symbols can provoke and be to blame for violence, murder, and even political assassinations. CNN makes no secret of this belief.

And so, if CNN believes images, words, and symbols inspire violence, what are we left to conclude when CNN itself engages in behavior that it claims inspires violence?

The asking of the question answers the question.

Based on CNN’s own beliefs, it is perfectly reasonable to believe that when CNN tells its audience that Trump is “unmoored,” “unhinged,” and “un-American,” that this is what I call an “assassination dogwhistle” — a dangerous message sent out in a world filled with bad people that says the man in the Oval Office is a threat, mentally ill, and not one of us.

It is also reasonable to say the same about the following:

CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, was one of the sponsors of a play that depicts the gruesome assassination of President Trump. CNN has not only defended this sponsorship but encouraged people to go and see the play.

What’s more, with a glossy television and online profile, CNN rewarded a thug who attempted to rush Trump on stage during a campaign rally. CNN even portrayed this man as a victim. The message being sent here is crystal clear.

Watch CNN staffers “joke” about Trump’s plane crashing.

Worse still, in the run-up to Trump’s inauguration last year, CNN played a dangerous game of “What If” to inform its pro-Obama audience that if Trump were assassinated, the Obama administration would remain in power.

If CNN believes images promote violence, why did CNN point what looked like a sniper scope at Trump’s Oval Office window and then broadcast those images?

Which brings me to Cillizza’s appalling “crosshairs” tweet — here is a look:

Again, Cillizza claims it was all an accident, but based on CNN’s history above, we have every right to be skeptical of his denial. Moreover, Cillizza is a raging Trump hater, documented liar, and how odd these CNN “mistakes” never happen to Democrats.

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