ABC’s Terry Moran Shames Fox’s Shannon Bream for Feeling Threatened at SCOTUS Protests

Terry Moran, a foreign corresponded for ABC News, attempted to shame and dismiss Fox News's Shannon Bream for feeling threatened at Monday night's Supreme Court protests.

Terry Moran, a foreign corresponded for ABC News, attempted to shame and dismiss Fox News’s Shannon Bream for feeling threatened at Monday night’s Supreme Court protests.

Using his verified Twitter account, Moran, who is a far-left, conspiracy theorist, responded to the news that Breem found it necessary to cancel her live show from the Supreme Court Monday night because of the “volatile crowd.”

“I was broadcasting from the SCOTUS plaza until 11:00PM that night. The protests were raucous; chants, posters and bullhorns on both side,” Moran tweeted. “But I found it very democratic, all-American. I saw pro-choice and pro-life demonstrators arguing—passionately but civilly. I felt no threat.”

He linked to a story about Breem at the left-wing Mediaite.

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean hit back at Moran’s tone-deaf criticism via Twitter.

“Hi @TerryMoran congratulations on feeling safe the other night. Just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to someone else,” Dean Tweeted. “@ShannonBream is one of the most honest people I know. You should support other journalists not question them … especially when it comes to their safety.”

Moran’s attack on Bream also ignores the fact that the political left has been waging a violent war on the political right for some time. While we are still compiling out list, as of Tuesday, Breitbart News has documented 351 acts of violence and harassment against the right.

While Shannon Bream is an objective journalist and not a political commentator, the fact that she works for Fox News puts a target on her back, a target an anti-Trump activist like Moran does not need to worry about.

Secondly, Bream is a woman, and due to biology, a woman is not only much more vulnerable in these situations, she is attuned to those vulnerabilities and therefore easier to menace or bully.

Of course Moran did not feel threatened. He is a leftist and the right is not physically attacking or menacing leftists. But the opposite is happening all across the nations while so-called journalists like Moran ignore and downplay it, as he did here.

Moran has not responded to Janie Dean or to those on Twitter who called out what is yet another example of the establishment media dismissing the ongoing crisis of  harassment and violence against people on the right.


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