Nolte: Establishment Media Normalize Racism and Hate

President Donald Trump speaks during a press conference at the White House in Washington, DC
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The establishment media are now on a crusade to normalize violence, racism, and hate against supporters of President Trump.

This all began with Jeff Zucker’s takeover of the far-left cable channel CNN. With Zucker in control, and with the use of straight-up lies to intentionally whip up hate and violence — violence and hate became CNN’s brand; and the results in Baltimore and Ferguson were beyond tragic, especially for the predominantly black, working class residents of those two burnt-out cities.

As Ferguson and Baltimore burned, so did the media’s hatred against police officers. CNN and others all but announced open season on the cops, and as the blue bodies piled up, CNN not only declared this violence “very courageous and brave,” CNN told us the cause was unstable military veterans becoming police officers.

Donald Trump’s political ascendency offered CNN a whole new target of hate. CNN regularly encouraged the idea Trump was a George Wallace (whose presidential aspirations were stopped with an assassination attempt) and argued that the unprecedented violence against Trump supporters was either  legitimate or Trump’s fault.

After the election, CNN declared President Trump a unique danger, mentally unstable — or in the provocative words of Jake Tapper “unmoored, unhinged, and un-American.”

CNN gave a man who attempted to assault Trump the folk hero treatment, and even pointed what looked like a sniper scope directly at the Oval Office; and then broadcast that horrific image worldwide.

CNN personnel are fond of placing crosshairs over the president.

Not content to spread the gasoline of hate in black neighborhoods or at the feet of Trump and police officers,  even as the ratings bottomed out, CNN turned its venom on everyday American voters…

And the ringleader of this circus of unhinged bigotry was Jake Tapper.

Back in February, Tapper stood in silent agreement as his anti-gun audience hooted and hollered, heckled and hated gun owners. Tapper stood in silent agreement as his anti-gun guests questioned the motherhood of his other “guest,” NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch. Tapper stood in silent agreement as a Rubicon was crossed, as his frothing audience booed a rape victim who purchased a firearm to ensure she would never be raped again.

Tapper’s Roman Coliseum of Hate had done its job, shattered a longstanding norm that said the media focused only on the powerful.

And now the racist hate against everyday Trump supporters pioneered by CNN is fully normalized throughout all of the establishment media

NBC News now calls Trump supporters “Nazis.”

With no professional consequences, throughout the summer, NBC’s Joy Reid, a weekend anchor at MSNBC,  lied about her bigoted and hateful past. She sent the entire world on a snipe hunt for the homophobic hacker who used homosexuality as a weapon against Republicans, when she damn well knew she was the homophobe using homosexuality as a weapon against Republicans.

This week, and with zero professional consequence, Marc Caputo, one of the far-left Politico’s anti-Trump activists,  fired off bigoted smears at Trump supporters as toothless “garbage people.” Caputo poses as an objective journalist, is advertised at Politico as an objective journalist, and he is allowed to use the grossest stereotypes available to demean supporters of President Trump.  Imagine if he had used those exact same words to describe attendees at any Democrat rally.

To be fair, though, there have been political consequences for openly racist writer Sarah Jeong, who spent two years trashing white Americans as a people who smell like dogs, who need to be cancelled, and deserve her cruelty simply because of skin color.

And what professional consequences did this racist monster face after Roseanne Barr’s career and life had been burnt down over one terrible tweet?

Jeong is now the latest hire on the New York Times editorial board.

As we move closer to the 2020 presidential campaign, the establishment media — an increasingly dangerous and frustrated left-wing institution that has lost its ability to sway public opinion, that cannot budge Trump’s approval ratings (which are now higher than Obama’s at this point in his presidency), that has approval ratings half those of Trump’s — has made a conscious decision to balm that impotent rage by normalizing racism, bigotry, hate, and violence against Trump supporters.

Yesterday, CNN’s Jim Acosta crybabied throughout the day because a group of gloriously unruly Trump supporters chanted “CNN sucks” and whipped him the bird.

Yesterday, the New York Times hired a virulent racist.

Yesterday, the establishment media and Never Trump applauded the hiring of that racist.

Yesterday, all of the establishment went the full-CNN.

Yesterday, five more acts of violence directed at Trump supporters were added to an ever-growing list of over 540.


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