Nolte: NBC Accused of Covering Up Another Credible Rape Allegation

Gabriella Demczuk/Getty Images

Sil Lai Abrams claims NBC News refused to air her rape allegations against rap mogul Russell Simmons and Extra host A.J. Calloway.

What’s more, MSNBC’s disgraced weekend anchor, Joy Reid, the woman Abrams trusted to tell her story, is now throwing Abrams under the bus.

This Hollywood Reporter bombshell comes just days after an NBC whistleblower accused the far-left network of protecting movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who, among many other countless allegations, stands as an accused serial rapist.

Ronan Farrow worked on the story for eight months at NBC News, and even though he had audio tape from an undercover police operation in which Weinstein admits to groping a model and numerous other women, even though Farrow had numerous sources confirming Weinstein’s alleged predations, the network refused to run the story.

Farrow eventually ended up running it two months later at the New Yorker and won the Pulitzer Prize.

And here is where things get interesting…

NBC’s excuse for not running the Weinstein bombshell was that Farrow did not have any sources willing to go on the record. Although he had the damning audio tape (which was a legitimate game-changing bombshell in and of itself) and a handful of corroborating sources, including those willing to talk in silhouette on camera (a common practice in the news game), NBC claims that without an on-the-record source, the story did not meet NBC’s lofty standards.

Abrams was willing to go on record against Simmons and Calloway.

Abrams was willing to put her face and name behind the allegations with an on-camera interview with Reid. In fact, she had already sat down and recorded an interview with Reid.

NBC still refused to run it.

The timing here is vitally important.

Although Simmons is now dealing with multiple rape allegations and, as a result, has removed himself from running his businesses and pretty much gone into seclusion, when Abrams approached Reid (a proven liar and homophobe), no one had come forward about Simmons yet.

In other words, NBC News could have been the first to break both the Simmons and Weinstein stories, two of the biggest stories of the year, two of the biggest stories in the history of show business, and chose, instead, not to run them after sitting on them for months and months and months.

Abrams, a 47-year-old author and former model, approached NBC News and Reid in early November after Simmons’ party pal, Brett Ratner, was accused of sexual misconduct.

Abrams has plenty of circumstantial evidence to back up her allegations against Simmons and Calloway. Although she used thin disguises to protect their identities at the time, in 2007, she wrote a memoir about the alleged rapes. Abrams also has court documents and people she told about the assaults when they allegedly happened:

Reid started to dig into the story. In mid-December, MSNBC’s standards and legal departments began putting Abrams through a grinding vetting process. She responded to their requests, providing documents from years earlier, including several court orders issued in New York against Calloway. She supplied contact information for sources who could verify aspects of her past, including some who had been told of the alleged assaults in the immediate aftermath.

Abrams claims Simmons raped her in 1994. The Calloway assault allegedly happened in 2006. Both deny any wrongdoing.

At the time, in private correspondence with Abrams, Reid expressed her disgust with NBC News, accusing her employer of “slow walking” the story with “stupid” requests.

In response to the Hollywood Reporter report, NBC claims the story did not meet its journalistic standards.

In other news, NBC claims to have journalistic standards.

Is it a coincidence that NBC News passed on two bombshell stories involving two powerful left-wing men who were not only big-time Democrat supporters, but had their sweaty hands on the levers that control our culture?

Or, as NBC’s Chuck Todd is sure to allege, did Fox News somehow convince NBC to cover up these stories as a means to make the establishment media look bad?

Naturally, Reid is now throwing Abrams to the wolves. “Investigative reports like these take time, and not surprisingly, sometimes journalists get frustrated as well,” Reid said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter. “I inappropriately shared that frustration privately with Sil Lai. I completely respect MSNBC’s standards and practices. Meticulous research to get the facts right was the only option, especially given the seriousness of the allegations.”


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