Nolte: Bob Woodward Amps Up Scare Tactics to Hype Book

bob-woodward-interview CBS

Bob Woodward appeared on Monday’s Today Show to scare people into buying his upcoming anti-Trump book, Fear: Trump in the White House.

Speaking with far-left Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie, the legendary Watergate reporter sounded the alarm about how President Trump is jeopardizing national security and the economy.

“This has not been treated seriously enough, and some of the things Trump did and does to jeopardize the real national security,” Woodward warned.

“This country does some things in the intelligence world which are so important to protect the country; they are astonishing, they are secret, they are called special access programs, and he jeopardizes them.”

On the economy, Woodward sounded just as frantic.

“He jeopardizes the position in the economy that experts — you know, 99.9 percent of the people say, ‘Don’t do tariffs; it doesn’t work.'”

Woodward added, “He’s got it in his head, and when people challenge him he will say, ‘Oh, I’ve had those ideas for thirty years — you’re wrong.'”

Throughout the interview, after accusing Trump of waging a “war on the truth,” Woodward brought up anecdote after anecdote (all of them second-hand from anonymous sources) to paint a picture of an out-of-touch, nearly insane commander-in-chief who is “detached from reality.”

What is most troubling, however, is Woodward’s praise and obvious admiration for those who undermine  a duly elected president by doing things like sneaking documents off his desk, by hiding stuff from him.

Woodward seems to believe unelected Deep Staters accountable to no one are patriots for secretly running the country, as opposed to un-American bureaucrats undermining the essence of our democracy.

Nevertheless, Woodward continues to float the idea they are “saving the country.”

To the surprise of no one, Woodward does not and is not asked to explain why, if Trump’s management style has created a “constitutional crisis,” the country is doing so well.

Not once does Woodward even attempt to explain how such a “dysfunctional” president who “jeopardizes” national security and the economy, has, in fact, ushered in an American era of peace and prosperity for the first time since September 11, 2001.

The American economy is firing on all 12 cylinders; North Korea is at the negotiating table; Putin’s adventurism has ceased; ISIS and the overall War on Terror feel like a bad memory; the working class is making a comeback so real even the far-left Washington Post has been forced to acknowledge it; he’s nominated two absurdly qualified Supreme Court justices; wages are soaring, black and Hispanic unemployment are hitting record lows…

And here’s Woodward fighting to bring back the status quo, to argue for the way things are supposed to be done, even though that way has been a disaster for everyday Americans over the last 25 or so years.  D.C. has thrived, though. The Emerald City of D.C. has done just fine.

Like the rest of the establishment media, as we head into the midterms, Woodward seems desperate to keep everyone’s eye off of the results of Trump’s management style, which have been an unqualified success.

Finally, it is certainly worth noting that Woodward does not allege any wrongdoing on Trump’s part. All these anonymous sources with their knives out, and nothing about Russia collusion, or obstruction, or anything else…

This is another reason why everyone in the #Resistance — the media, Never Trump, Democrats  — are concocting a crisis over Trump’s style, over the usual-usual palace intrigue, which in the end is meaningless to those of us living in the real world.

On the substance of Trump’s record, they got nothing, so they try to cover those results up with shallow nonsense, to scare people over nothing.

And of course, fear sells books.


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