Talk Radio Station WMAL Evacuated over Suspicious Package

Twitter / @LarryOConnor

Conservative radio station WMAL in Washington, D.C. was briefly evacuated Thursday afternoon after receiving a suspicious package.

The radio station first disclosed the development in a tweet, stating: “Suspicious package received at WMAL. Building evacuated. Police and fire are on scene. We’ll be back with you live as soon as we can, but for now enjoy our ‘Best of’ programming on WMAL.”

Host Larry O’Connor shared a photo of the scene near WMAL showing a minor police presence blocking off the street that the station is located on.

It is unclear if the package is linked to the multiple apparent explosive devices sent to prominent Democrats, progressive billionaire George Soros, and CNN’s New York City bureau. O’Connor, a former editor at Breitbart News, said that he caught a glimpse of the suspicious package. He said that it did not look exactly like the apparent mail bomb photos released by authories, but “there were some similarities.”

Citing the ongoing investigation, O’Connor declined to describe the package in further detail.

According to O’Connor, law enforcement has given the “all clear” and now allowing staffers back into the station’s offices.


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