Matt Drudge Criticizes Fox News Panel for Laughing During Terror Segment: ‘Check Your Soul in the Makeup Chair!’

Matt Drudge
Associated Press/Brian K. Diggs’s Matt Drudge criticized Fox News Monday for a panel that “laughed and joked” while talking about terror in the context of the recent shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

“A segment on Fox News this morning where hosts laughed and joked their way through a discussion on the political impact of terror was bizarre. Not even 48 hours since blood flowed at synagogue? Check your soul in the makeup chair!” the legendary news editor said.

He also tweeted screen grabs of Fox News personalities laughing.

Fox News defended the segment in a statement Monday.

“Kennedy made an unrelated quip at the end of the segment which was focused on unity – there was absolutely no joking or laughing about the events of this weekend and a screen grab of her smiling is hardly indicative of the entire segment,” a FNC spokesperson told Mediaite.

“The lower third should not have been up for the duration of this segment as it was not fully reflective of what the panelists were discussing,” the statement also reads.

The Drudge Report founder only occasionally sounds off on his Twitter account.

Matt Drudge has a long reputation of being fiercely independent-minded. Although he certainly has conservative instincts, he has been more than willing use his legendary website, the Drudge Report, to give critical coverage to members of the Republican Party and theconservative movement.

The Drudge Report also regularly links to establishment news websites and newswires alongside new media outlets like Breitbart News, providing a diverse range of news.

President Trump has also praised him, saying in June that Drudge is a “great gentleman” who “really has the ability to capture stories that people want to see.”


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