Nolte: Media Scramble to Protect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from Holocaust Lie

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is lying about how she compared our migrant detention camps on the Southern border to the Holocaust, and to the surprise of no one, fake news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Post are covering for her with their own lies.

CNN is even trying to explain how Auschwitz wasn’t all that bad.

On Monday, Ocasio-Crazy, probably from that luxury apartment of hers, filmed a video that compared American migrant camps to “concentration camps.”

Nevermind that our migrant camps have been in use long before President Trump took office.

Nevermind that these illegal migrants enjoy free food, healthcare, and sanitary conditions.

Nevermind that if these illegal migrants simply agreed to return home where they belong, we would provide free transportation (translation: they are NOT prisoners).

Nevermind that what was perfectly okay under Obama is a concentration camp because Orange Man Bad.

Ocasio-Crazy’s comparison is, of course, not only outrageous, it is yet another way to deliberately smear Trump as a Nazi, which is a sure way to embolden violence or an assassination attempt against him.

The good news is that Ocasio-Crazy got some well-deserved blowback. Because on top of her mindless stupidity and dangerous rhetoric, there is the not-unimportant matter of her trivializing the Holocaust.

Naturally, though, as soon as the backlash began, Ocasio-Crazy did what she usually does in these matters… She played dumb and lied.

“And for the shrieking Republicans,” she tweeted on Tuesday, “who don’t know the difference: concentration camps are not the same as death camps.”

In other words: My “concentration camp” rhetoric had not-a-thang to do with the Holocaust. In fact, I wasn’t even thinking about Nazi Germany and Auschwitz, you deplorable racists.

Yeah, no.

That’s not only a lie, it’s provable lie, because in her video, Ocasio-Crazy says, “‘Never Again’ means something.”

The phrase “Never Again” refers directly to the Holocaust, so the fact that she was comparing our migrant camps to the Holocaust is not even debatable, nor is the fact that she is now lying about it.

But guess who do see it as debatable, who are making excuses for Ocasio-Crazy’s inexcusable Holocaust comparison and  just as inexcusable lies to cover  it up? Yep, you guessed it: our useless, dishonest, fake newsers in the establishment media.

Here’s CNN’s Manu Raju helping Ocasio-Crazy clean up this mess by allowing her to lie to his stupid face:

Weird how he never asks her to explain that “Never Again” remark, no?

Oh, and here’s CNN’s favorite crybully, Andrew Kaczynski, breaking the fake news that Auschwitz wasn’t all that bad:

Hey, Kaczynski: Auschwitz also had roads, its own train station, offices, and kitchens…

So Auschwitz was kinda like Six Flags, amiright?

Not to be outdone, Dave Weigel, the far-left Washington Post’s lead Democrat fluffer, is pretty sure that a world-class dingbat who just a few weeks ago found herself awed by the miracle of a garbage disposal, must have been referring to the Boer War:

And then there’s MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who also chose to ignore the “Never Again” remark so he could yell at Liz Cheney:

“If you spend a few minutes learning some actual history,” Hayes harrumphed, “you will find out that concentration camps are different from death camps and have a history that both predates and extends far past the Nazis.”

Now explain “Never Again,” pajama boy.

So what we have here are three national news outlets so desperate to protect Ocasio-Crazy they are ignoring her “Never Again” reference, and we even have one CNN “reporter” breaking the bombshell news that Auschwitz was nowhere near as bad as advertised.

Is it just me or does this all qualify as “enemy-of-the-people” type behavior?

Anyway, this has been today’s episode of Democrats Sure Got It Good.


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