Nolte: 6 Reasons CNN Hired Disgraced Former FBI Official Andrew McCabe

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

CNN’s decision to hire disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a contributor makes perfect sense to anyone who is at all familiar with the fake news network.

  1. Russia Collusion Hoax Forever

McCabe is one of the chief architects behind the Russia Collusion Hoax and this hoax is something the far-left CNN does not want to let go of. Even though Robert Mueller’s report proves President Trump did not collude with the Russians or obstruct justice, things like facts, science, and truth have never mattered to anyone at CNN.

  1. CNN Loves to Mislead Viewers

CNN is dedicated to misleading its minuscule audience. The network behind the biggest media hoaxes of the last six years…

  • Hispanic George Zimmerman: The White Racist Killer
  • Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
  • Trump Can’t Win
  • Brett Kavanaugh: Serial Rapist
  • The KKKids from KKKovington High School
  • Trump Colluded with Russia

…has a reputation to maintain, and who better to keep up appearances than a man fired by the FBI for lying to the FBI…?

And if McCabe is willing to accept the legal risks that come with lying to the FBI, imagine all the lies he will be willing to tell on behalf of CNN when there is no legal risk whatsoever.

  1. Payoff

Among other things, McCabe is under investigation for illegal leaks to the media. This contributor gig is not only CNN’s way of paying him back; it is the basement-rated outlet’s way of encouraging more illegal leaks with the promise of a sweet TV gig when it all comes to an end.

There is an asterisk to all this, though…

CNN does not want leaks damaging to Democrats or the Democrat Party. Remember, CNN hates Julian Assange. But if you’re able to damage the Republican Party and most especially Trump, they got a nice, little golden parachute all set up for you.

  1. Trolling Trump

There is no amount of money CNN won’t spend to try and get a rise out of Trump, so hiring one of the chief coup plotters is some high-level trolling.

  1. Hypocrisy

There is nothing CNN loves more than shoving its shameless hypocrisy in our faces.

While CNN argues for the safety of the free press, one of its own contributors is credibly accused of having her bodyguard rough up a journalist.

While CNN argues for the safety of the free press, CNN embraces left-wing terrorist group Antifa, a group that regularly assaults journalists.

While CNN demands we believe all #MeToo victims, one of its anchors is credibly accused of sexual assault.

While a CNN anchor raged at a heckler for the stereotype of Italians as mobsters, just like a mobster, he threatened to commit violence against this person.

While CNN calls for blacklisting former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer because he “misled the public,” less than 24 hours later, CNN hires a man the FBI fired for lying.

  1. McCabe Freakin’ Hates Trump

Few people hate Trump as much as Andrew McCabe does, and since CNN peddles in hate, hate-peddlers will always have a home at CNN.

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