Nolte: The New York Times Is an Antisemitic Haven of Racism and Hate

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The far-left New York Times‘ newsroom currently employs at least a half-dozen racists and antisemites.

In its zeal to bring down President Trump and hold on to the only part of its customer base that remains — the extreme left — the Times has become what it purports to oppose: a haven of hate for open racists and antisemites

Hiring one racist is an oversight.

Hiring two racists is a mistake.

Hiring three racists is incompetence.

Hiring at least a half-dozen racists is the execution of a deliberate gameplan.

Sometimes you just have to stand back and look at the totality of what is happening in order to fully grasp just how morally corrupted the Times has become… In 2019 America, more than 50 years after the Civil Rights movement, more than 70 years after the Holocaust, here is the roster at what we are told is the premiere news outlet in all of the world:

Jazmine Hughes: Associate Editor New York Times Magazine:

Years and years of antisemitic comments and racist attacks on white people.

Sarah Jeong: Editorial Board(!)

Years and years of viciously hateful attacks on white people, including open calls to be “cruel to old white men.”

Tom Wright-Piersanti: Senior Staff Political Editor

Unbelievable history of antisemitism and spreading hate about people of color.

Gina Cherelus: Fact Checker

Long history of homophobia and racism.

The Editors Behind Antisemitic Cartoon

The Times is still engaging in a cover up to protect the people who published a cartoon that looks exactly like the kind of rabid antisemitism we saw from Germany circa 1936.

No one is playing gotcha here. What we have are four major players at the Times, four people with power and influence, who are guilty of expressing seething racial hostility and bigotry over and over and over again. These disgusting sentiments are not one-offs, are not a poorly-worded joke, or a comment made in the heat of the moment… Again and again and again, these racists proved they are racists, these Jew-haters proved they hate Jews, and did so openly and proudly.

In order to condemn Trump and the Trump White House as racist or bigoted, fake news outlets like the Times have to deliberately take the president out of context, straight-up lie, or assume the very worst of intentions behind something that’s been said.

Not so with the New York Times

In order to condemn multiple New York Times staffers as racists and antisemites, you need only read and publish their public social media posts.

In order to condemn the New York Times as a haven for hate and bigotry, you need only point to the people the Times hires and appoints to senior positions.

To be clear, I am not asking the Times to fire anyone. I don’t do that. I don’t believe in that. And in this particular case, I’m thrilled the New York Times has chosen to embrace this cabal of racists, because I am always thrilled when a person or organization stops hiding behind lies and reveals who and what they really are. 

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