President Trump Rips ‘MSDNC’ and Comcast Ahead of Democrat Debate

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — President Donald Trump told a gathering of several hundred donors in the lobby of the Trump Hotel that “MSDNC” was worse than CNN, and Comcast was “a bad company.”

Comcast owns MSNBC, which is the network hosting the Democrat debate on Wednesday evening at the Paris Theater (at 9 p.m. ET).

Trump was addressing a gathering of several hundred small-dollar bundlers for the Trump Victory fundraising committee, chaired by Kimberly Guilfoyle. He happened to be on his way out of the building, where he had spent the night, and strolled into the event to deliver an impromptu speech.

“They’re fake,” he said, referring to MSNBC and Comcast. “I think one thing we’ve done during the last almost four years — we’re going to be done [with] four years, can you believe it? — but one thing we’ve is we’ve shown the press to be corrupt and fake. And they really are.

“And I hate to say it, you  know, I’m proud of our country, but we could go two notches up, four notches up, if we had an honest press. We don’t. It is totally corrupt.”

Trump then added:

That MSDNC — MSDNC may be worse than CNN, and it’s all Comcast, you know, Comcast — they are a terrible organizataion. I’m embarrassed to say, I had 12 years of The Apprentice on Comcast, I am embarrassed to say. But Comcast is a terrible, terrible — really, in my opinion, corrupt as it comes to broadcasting the news. I think it’s a disgrace what Comcast does. I really do believe, CNN is just imcompetent. But Comcast is more evil. And they’re a disgrace to this country. So I have to say that.

The president joked: “I hope somebody puts that on cell. Do you have that on cell?  Because I don’t think we allowed the press in here. I have a feeling — Will that go viral? Yes, I hope so.”

The president is visiting several Western states on a four-day trip that will include a rally on Friday, the day before Democrats vote in the Nevada caucuses.

Donald Trump, Jr., was also at the event.

Watch the entire event:

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