WATCH: Jon Voight Calls to ‘Rise, Look to a Better Future’

Jon Voight Video Message

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight posted a powerful and uplifting video on Saturday addressing the nation, thanking the president, and urging Americans to “rise and look to a better future.”

The clip, which is slightly over a minute, features Voight against the backdrop of an American flag emphasizing the importance of unity and displaying a more encouraging and optimistic tone. 

“My fellow Americans, we shall not weep, but let us give thanks to President Trump for his four years of hard work and love for America,” the clip begins. “Let us not put our heads down, let us rise and look to a better future. Let us praise God; let us understand his plan is far greater.” 

Addressing Wednesday’s violence at the U.S. Capitol, Voight unequivocally calls for those who stormed the Capitol to be held accountable.

“I know all are disappointed, but this violence is not who we are,” Voight continues. “We’re love, respect, honor. The ones who destroyed will be accountable, but the ones who truly wanted to share love and respect will be heard.” 

Voight continues by encouraging viewers to set aside differences and embrace the “love that President Trump shared” during his presidency. 

“Let us put aside our differences and let America grow,” the veteran actor says. “Let her stand again with pride, and we as a nation will hold on to the love that President Trump shared with us all.” 

The clip concludes with Voight claiming that justice will prevail.

“It’s not over,” Voight says. “The truths of justice will prevail, for God’s glory shall as well. Love to you.”

Watch below:

Voight has been one of Hollywood’s most vocal Trump supporters. The Midnight Cowboy star narrated a video about American exceptionalism at this year’s Republican National Convention as well as an RNC video about President Trump’s successful efforts to free American hostages held captive in foreign lands.

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