Rob Schneider Calls Out Corporate Media: Free Speech Under Attack by the People Whose Jobs Are to Defend It

US Hollywood actor and stand-up comedian Rob Schneider gives a performance during 'Black Dog - Comedy Evenings' in Bangalore on November 24, 2011. Schneider began his Indian tour in Pune on November 23 and is scheduled to perform in Kolkata on November 25, Gurgaon on November 26, and Mumbai on …
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Actor-comedian Rob Schneider has added his voice to the popular groundswell against the mainstream media, saying the people whose jobs are to defend free speech have become the ones attacking it.

Rob Schneider tweeted his criticism on Friday, echoing a sentiment from independent journalist Glenn Greenwald, who accused left-wing journalists of leading the attack on the First Amendment.

Greenwald was responding to a tweet from GQ magazine journalist Julia Ioffe, who suggested that Fox News should no longer be protected by free speech laws.

Ioffe has a history of making questionable and sometimes inflammatory statements about conservatives. In 2018, she publicly apologized for saying that then-President Donald Trump had radicalized more people than ISIS.

Rob Schneider has retweeted Glenn Greenwald several times, including a tweet from April in which Greenwald wrote that a major objective of U.S. liberalism is “for more online censorship of political speech.”

The Deuce Bigalow star has also quoted left-wing intellectual Noam Chomsky, who advocated for “minimal moral authority” in our lives.

Rob Schneider has supported the recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), saying the governor has trampled on individual liberties and blasting him for dining out in a large crowd without masks while the state was on mandatory lockdown.

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