Nolte: Fredo Fallout? CNN Primetime Viewership Plummets to 629,000

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 11: Chris Cuomo attends the Annual Charity Day hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald, BGC and GFI at Cantor Fitzgerald on September 11, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald)
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The one-trick, Trump-hating pony that was CNN for the last five years is all out of tricks and now the failed outlet’s viewership is in the toilet — where it belongs.

For the full week of May 17, Monday through Sunday, CNNLOL primetime was only able to attract an average of 692,000 viewers.

How awful is that?

Well, CNNLOL’s left-wing competition at MSNBC more than doubled that with 1.483 million average primetime viewers. During that same week, Fox News more than tripled CNNLOL with 2.1 million viewers.

In total day, CNNLOL managed to attract just 569,000 morons who love being lied to. MSNBC snatched up an average of 842,00 total day viewers, while Fox News doubled CNNLOL with 1.165 million.

So what’s happening here? It obviously wasn’t a lack of news during that week. Fox and MSNBC still pulled respectable numbers, and MSNBC’s numbers also prove that CNNLOL’s left-wing propaganda isn’t turning people away. So what is it?

Is it possible the ongoing ethical scandal machine that is Chris “Fredo” Cuomo is driving down CNNLOL’s ratings, even among leftists?

In just a little over one year, Cuomo has exposed his fake news outlet as one that holds its so-called unbiased anchors to no ethical standards whatsoever.

It was bad enough when CNNLOL’s Jake Tapper faced no disciplinary action after he was caught meddling in a congressional election and lying about it, but Cuomo has been embroiled in seven — count ’em , seven! — ethical scandals, has faced no disciplinary action, and that might be a bit much, even for leftists who enjoy being lied to.

And yes, of course Fredo’s lies and conflicts of interest and fraud damage the CNNLOL brand and everyone associated with it. When you pretend to be a news outlet and look the other way as one of your so-called anchors gets on the phone with political operatives to strategize about how to discredit Governor Brother’s accusers, and is caught refusing to wear a mask while he’s on the air shaming others about masks, and is caught sitting at home enjoying Brother Governor’s VIP coronavirus testing while the rest of the state suffers, and violates his China Virus quarantine while he’s infected, and stages a fake exit from quarantine, and repeatedly interviews his own brother, and lies on the air about remaining quarantined; yeah, that damages everyone.

Even leftist cable news addicts have a limit for a so-called news outlet that not only has no ethical stands but seems to flaunt its lack of ethical standards.

In a country of 330 million, CNNLOL can’t even attract one percent of the population during primetime. In fact, 692,000 viewers is nowhere near a million. What CNNLOL chief Jeff Zucker has done to CNNLOL’s reputation and ratings makes you wonder if he wasn’t hired to destroy the place.

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