Nolte–NBC Finds a Bidenflation Silver Lining: Fewer Thanksgiving Guests if You Don’t Buy a Turkey!

Family together for Thanksgiving dinner.
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Proving just how out of touch the elite media are, the far-left Today Show offered some tips on mustering through Joe Biden’s record inflation this Thanksgiving: Cancel the Turkey. This might chase away all those expensive guests!

“Perhaps forgo the turkey,” NBC’s Vicky Nguyen suggested. “Some people think turkey is overrated. It tends to be the most expensive thing on the menu. Maybe have an Italian feast.”

And then came the kicker…

“If you tell everyone you’re not having a turkey,” she chirped, “some guests may drop off, and that will save money too.”

How broken are these people?

The whole point of Thanksgiving, and I do mean the whole point, is to gather with loved ones and give thanks.

Some guests might drop out, and that will save money too?

If Thanksgiving were about money, we wouldn’t have it. We would just eat alone like we do every Thursday.

Thanksgiving isn’t a bottom-line holiday. This isn’t something we think of as an expense. This is that time of the year where Americans are supposed to be able to gather and eat and drink and pray and party and be festive and, most of all, be together… That’s the whole point of this holiday. Our guests are not inconvenient expenses. Guests who “drop off” are not something that goes into the plus column. These are our friends, our family, our loved ones…

There is no bright side to inflation. There is no upside.

Americans work hard, and twice a year, we look forward to two holidays — Thanksgiving and Christmas — that are about family and tradition, and those traditions, those constants in our life, are vital to us, for they give us a sense of normalcy and comfort. But here’s this hollow-eyed Today Show sociopath saying, Hey, settle for less, be a little lonely. No big deal.

It did not have to be like this.

What is happening to our country, the explosion in gas prices, the explosion in inflation, was all caused by one man: His Fraudulency Joe Biden, who chose to overheat the economy into record inflation with trillions and trillions of dollars in deficit spending, all the while choosing to cut the throat of the energy sector.

I have no intention of settling for less.

What I intend to do is vote.

Oh, boy, do I intend to vote.

I want my life back. I want normalcy back. And no brainless morning show bimbo is going to gaslight me into thinking there is anything normal or okay with any of this.

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