Watch: Live Stream of FreePAC Kentucky

Watch: Live Stream of FreePAC Kentucky

On Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET, FreedomWorks will host FreePAC Kentucky at the Kentucky International Convention Center. The approximate start times for the event headliners are:

1:07pm – Ken Cuccinelli, Former Attorney General of Virginia

1:19pm – Igor Birman, Congressional Candidate (CA-7)

1:29pm – Becky Gerritson, President Wetumpka Tea Party

1:46pm – CL Bryant, FreedomWorks Fellow

1:58pm – Chris McDaniel, Mississippi Senate Candidate

2:10pm – Andrew Wilkow, Host The Wilkow Majority

2:22pm – Rick Brueggemann, Constitutionalist Attorney

2:32pm – Deneen Borelli, FreedomWorks Director of Outreach

2:44pm – Dan Bongino, Congressional Candidate (MD-6) and Former Secret Service Agent

2:54pm – Matt Kibbe, President & CEO FreedomWorks

3:18pm – Matt Bevin, Kentucky Senate Candidate

3:26pm – Glenn Beck, Radio & Television Personality