Ingraham: Obama Tax Proposals About ‘Populist Theme’ For Hillary

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham said that President Obama’s tax proposals were about “trying to set a populist theme for Hillary Clinton” on Tuesday.

“He’s [Obama] getting his party ready for 2016. He wants to do what George W. Bush couldn’t do in 2008. George W. Bush couldn’t campaign…for the Republican nominee…They didn’t want him anywhere near the conventions” she stated.

Ingraham continued “Obama wants to be the anti-Bush when it comes to that, so he wants to set the themes for 2016. What he’s doing in this State of the Union speech is not thinking he’s going to get all this passed through Congress, he won’t…but he’s trying to set a populist theme for Hillary Clinton.”

Later, Peter Morici, Economist and Professor of International Business at the University of Maryland agreed, saying “it permits him [Obama] to say that ‘I want to things to strengthen the middle class, but here, the Republicans are blocking me because they’re protecting the wealthy.’”

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