Clarke: Holder, Obama Need to ‘Stop Stoking Racial Discord’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D) said President Obama and Attorney General Holder should “stay away from the race-baiting, stay away from the race-hustling, stop stoking racial discord” on Tuesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“The best thing to do for people in my position as an African-American male, and the President of the United States and Eric Holder, is to bring a — some reasonableness to this discussion, stay away from the race-baiting, stay away from the race-hustling, stop stoking racial discord, and putting this poison into the minds of our young black men because that’s what this is.”

Clarke also alleged “Barack Obama has not been a friend of the American police officer” and that police had been “thrown under the bus. Look, we’re the low-hanging fruit because we can’t fight back against powerful people like Eric Holder, and [New York City] Mayor de Blasio (D), and the President of the United States, who have a very big stage with which to get a message across. So, you know, that’s why I stepped up to defend the American police officer. Look there’s nothing wrong with the American police officer or American policing. We do not need to be transformed like the president suggests. The American police officer, as an institution and profession, is one of the few things left that’s right about America. So, I’m going to continue to resist this notion, this false notion, Neil, that police officers, even white police officers, use an inordinate amount of force on young black males. The data’s not there, the research doesn’t suggest it. It’s a false narrative and it needs to be slapped down.”

He also said that if he was invited to the president’s summit with law enforcement officials “I would have asked him some very pointed questions” about how he handled the controversy regarding the arrest of Dr. Henry Louis Gates, his nominee for the head of Civil Rights Division, the president’s record on the economy, and his opposition to school vouchers.

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