Levin: ‘Big Mistake’ For FNC To Give Rove Platform to Clear GOP Field for Jeb

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments” Mark Levin argued it is a “big mistake” for the Fox News Channel to allow Karl Rove to use his position with the network to “clear the field” for Jeb Bush on Tuesday.

After a caller said she stopped watching the Fox News Channel because of her frustration with commentators like Juan Williams and Karl Rove, Levin said that while he doesn’t like the liberal commentators on FNC, he understands that as a news channel, they do need to have people from the other side. He added “what bothers me more is these pretend conservatives, who are really on there with an agenda, and so they sit there, they pretend they’re analyzing…that to me is dishonest, it’s flat out dishonest. Everybody knows who Karl Rove is supporting. Everybody knows he’s the invisible hand behind these different organizations. Everybody knows it. At least Juan Williams is an out of the closet left-wing Democrat.”

Levin did clarify, “I don’t want to critique Fox–thank goodness there is a Fox, OK, my problem is, and I’m serious about this, these phony establishment Republicans, they know who they are, they know what they’re doing, and so there isn’t a lot of conservative voices, there just aren’t…I am not trashing Fox, I am trashing the fools like Karl Rove, who are taking advantage of their positions, pretending on the one hand that they’re analysts and on the other hand, they’re trying to defeat every conservative and clear the field for their Bush family candidate.”

After the break, Levin stated that people should be careful to not take their frustrations with particular guests or contributors out on FNC as a whole, and that while he is “highly critical” of Rove, he’s not attacking Fox. And that while “it’s a big mistake for them to continue to allow him to use that platform given the activities he’s involved in in the shadows. And given the fact that he’s held in enormous contempt by millions and millions of people for what he has done and then is doing,” it’s also a “mistake” to trash Fox News as a whole.

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