ESPN’s Le Batard: NFL Double Punishing Hardy Because of Failure in Ray Rice Situation

ESPN Radio host Dan Le Batard of “The Dan Le Batard Show” reacted to the news of Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy being slapped with a 10-game suspension for domestic violence. Hardy missed 15 games of the 2014 season while the case played out in the courts, but he was paid the whole time. He will not be paid while serving his 10-game suspension.

According to Le Batard, Greg Hardy is being double punished for the domestic violence because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell mishandled the Ray Rice suspension the previous year, where Rice was suspended for 2 games, released by the Baltimore Ravens and went without being signed by another team.

“Basically, Greg Hardy isn’t being punished for his crimes. Greg Hardy is being punished the way he is for Roger Goodell’s failures to handle the Ray Rice situation correctly.”

He continued, saying, “Goodell was a buffoon with the Ray Rice thing and now we’re gonna give him more power and most people are gonna be fine with giving him more power because you’re okay with punishing the domestic abuser. I’m okay with punishing the domestic abuser, too, but to me I want to separate. It’s like when 9/11 happened. Be careful what powers you give the government. You don’t want the government to have more power when you’re in a scared state.”

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