Watch: Trump Berates Reporter for Negative Questions

Wednesday, Donald Trump became visibly upset after wrapping up an interview with NBC News reporter Katy Tur, removing his microphone and saying, “Well, fun. It’s too bad that she mentioned only the negatives. You don’t want to mention all the positives.”

He continued, “The way you put it, everything is so negative.”

The Trump campaign put out a statement after the interview that read in part, “We’d like to reiterate the extremely negative position of the questions asked of Mr. Trump today. Please see our on-the-record statement in italics below which we provided to “The Washington Post” for their story and they very unfairly refused to use it in its entirety. We go above and beyond to verify the legal status of these workers, who are in actuality employed by a construction management firm, not Trump. I think it’s important to note that. This highlights exactly what Mr. Trump is speaking out against. We are doing everything in our power to ensure all applicable laws are followed and the law is still being unbroken. It’s unfortunate that you portrayed this as if Mr. Trump had done something wrong.”

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