Rubio: In Ten Years, Iran Will Be Nuclear, and We Won’t Be Able to Do Anything

Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio predicted that under the Iran deal, the country will go nuclear and “We won’t be able to do anything about it” on Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “On the Record.”

Rubio stated, “first of all, we have this foreign policy under this president, that began in the four years that Ms. Clinton was the secretary of state. And here’s the notion, let’s stand up to our allies, let’s be tough on Israel, but let’s appease our enemies. If we’re nicer to Vladimir Putin, he’ll be nicer to us. If we’re nicer to Iran, they’ll do a deal with us. And if we accommodate Cuba, somehow Cuba’s going to change. And they haven’t changed, they won’t change. The only thing that’s going to change in Cuba, with this opening that they’ve done now, is the Cuban government, that controls the entire economy is going to have more money at its disposal, more money to terrorize its own people, more money to oppress its own people, and more money to conduct anti-American operations, like allowing the Chinese and the Russians to use Cuba to spy against us from listening stations in the island.”

He added, regarding the Iran deal, “there isn’t anything promising in the deal. Because it — immediately gets blown up by the fact that Iran is going to get $100 million — $100 billion or more, of cash, the lifting of all international sanctions, including from the sanctions from the United Nations Security Council. They don’t have to stop producing long-range rockets. They get to swap out their outdated centrifuges for updated ones. And and in ten years, they’re going to be able to do whatever they want, and basically walk into the nuclear club without the world being able to do anything about it. There is only one way forward. We need to defeat the Iran deal in Congress, and then, this argument that the administration has that the sanctions are going to fall apart is just not true. The most important sanctions in the world on Iran is the United States sanctions, and trust me, no German bank, for example, or French company is going to choose to do business in Iran, over doing business in America. If they’re given a choice, they’re going to pick America every time.”

Rubio also stated, “they think it’s a good deal, because in their mind, they want an achievement. I guess Barack Obama wants to earn his Nobel Peace Prize, and John Kerry wants to win one. And so for them this was about achieving something. But the truth of the matter is that this deal, the only thing it will achieve, is a nuclear Iran in about ten years, or less, and an arms race in the Middle East. The Saudis, the Egyptians, the Turks, even the Jordanians have already said, ‘Whatever Iran has, we’re going to have.’ And so, what you look at — if you project this out over the next number of years, as these sanctions come off, and Iran gains more access to capital and cash, they’re going to use it to build their conventional military forces, to sponsor terrorism, to develop long-range rockets that reach the United States. And then in ten years, they’ll be North Korea. We won’t be able to do anything about it, because the price of a military strike could be an attach on Tel Aviv, or Jerusalem, or even the United States.”

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